Rossi Prefers ‘Making Before Talking’ — What Would You Do In His Shoes?

In a recent response to a reader asking questions of Andrea Rossi about the state of progress with the E-Cat project, Ross made the following comment:

Dear Mark Saker:
You are right: very much is going on behind the scenes, because in this matter is best first do things, then talk of them.
We will give due information of all the facts we will have made, while during the making of them we prefer to work in silence, to work better.
The 1 MW plant is for military purpose, it cannot be seen, but when we will have (soon) a plant in operation that will be visitable, People like you, who have helped us, will be invited to visit it.
Very important things are in the making, but, again, I prefer making before talking.
Warm Regards,

It’s a familiar refrain from those who have been following this story. I have been wondering what the advantages would be if Rossi decided to change his strategy and start providing more detailed information about what he is doing.

What would happen he invited people in to his factory and workshop to see the production line being built, and see the testing on his E-Cats in progress? What if he released more video or photos of his He would be taken more seriously by people who say his whole story is some kind of fabrication — but he would probably have to deal with visitors, both supportive and antagonistic. Competitors would likely be scrutinizing his operations, trying to understand his technology. If his co-workers and employees could be identified and questioned they might not have the same discipline as Rossi in being able to keep a lid on sensitive information.

So as frustrating as it is for we who want to know as much as possible about the E-Cat, I can see the logic in Rossi’s stance. He is clearly developing his technology from the point of view of a businessman — not interested in releasing his secrets in an open source manner — and so he is doing what he can to maintain a competitive advantage and protect his trade secrets. This happens all the time in the business world.

So, assuming he has the technology he claims, would you do anything different? I’m interested to find out if people think there might be a better way for him to operate at this stage of the game.

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