The Emergence of LENR

The recent presentation from Francesco Piantelli of his data from nickel hydrogen LENR experiments seems to be another confirmation that when heated to a certain temperature, and under certain other conditions, excess energy can be obtained by combining nickel and hydrogen. At least four companies now — Leonardo, Defkalion, Brillouin and Nichenergy — have been formed to try exploit this phenomenon and bring it into the commercial realm.

At present the field of LENR is certainly on the fringes of science and as such is well outside the serious attention of the mainstream press. Throughout history it has not been uncommon for new discoveries which lie outside the comfort zone of acceptable science to be subject to suspicion, skepticism and ridicule. Sometimes it takes quite a long time before disbelief and old prejudices are laid aside.

What will it take for attitudes to change? It does not seem that at present experimental data showing clear energy gain through LENR is going to to attract the attention of the world. Francesco Celani presented a long catalogue of successful LENR experiments at CERN last month and it barely registered in the media. Apart from some discussion in the blogosphere the CERN LENR lectures seem to have been ignored by most prominent and influential scientists and commentators.

It would seem to me that ultimately most people won’t pay attention until there is some useful product in the marketplace providing energy at a reasonable price. Interesting experimental phenomena is not important to the majority of people. When it comes to energy, most people’s attention is focused on their utility bills and how much it costs to fill up the car with fuel. If LENR is not going to help them in their real lives, why follow it? Few people cared about online communication when it was confined to a few universities and military establishments — but the development of the World Wide Web (first popularized by the Netscape Navigator browser) made the Internet useable by in their daily lives, and has become an indispensable part of modern society.

For LENR to become a useful source of energy, there will need to be a tool developed that provides clear benefits to users. The race to do this is on between the early developers of this technology, and whoever can first bring LENR out of obscurity into the marketplace will make an important mark in history. If this happens a new energy age will be upon us.

  • Kim

    I believe that fukushima is a extinction level event
    under way, people do not comprehend whats going on.

    The Psyche does not deal with it. Dear in the head lights.

    By the time that Rossie or Defkalion pull their head out of their butt, it won’t matter.

    Mankind is now in decline. Its a done deal folks

    Hows that for doom/gloom


    • Ramo

      Yes, I agree. Both Rossi and Detkatlion have the sluggishness of a turtle with pulling their heads of the butts with coming up with the saving grace of humankind.

    • don’t panic.
      sendai tsunami : 20000 dead (should forbid living near sea)
      fukushima: accident 0 dead
      few workers irradiated from 250 to 700mSv, less than 1Sv. thus less that few % more cancer expected, from a basic rate of 34%… (1Sv increase risk abou 3-4% from base 34%)
      on population dose less than 30mSv for people who would have not obeyed evacuation. impact of below 100 mSv is know to be null.
      thus impact of radiation will be bellow 1 dead on long term.

      impact of evacuation and other useless safety measures, with the experience of Chernobyl, will lead to thousands of death of stress, depression, suicide, violence, alcoolism.

      the zone should be cleaned of course, the food should be destroyed, but (as it is slowly happening) the zone should be slowly opened, especially to old people, to give hope.

      real data should be given to the population to avoid the stress death toll…

      I know i’m heretic, but those data, like LENR data, are public. only lobbies and pathologic consensus prevent the well known data

      old data pretended new
      george monbiot, The Guardian environment cronicle writer.

      anyway, migrating to LENR will solve that craziness…

      Fukushima is only the example of how we can ignore a real risk, abandon the victims, and focus on others less important fears, just because of mental bias , of media and lobbies manipulation…

      i’m afraid that LENr will suffer from that pathologic fears from lobbies that only want to make us suffer from our sins, not to solve the problems.

    • Ben

      Well Kim, admittedly, that’s pretty darn gloomy and doomy. However, I can’t say you can lay the blame on either Rossi or DGT. They are merely knats on the posteriors of the people who really run this place. There is a small band of wealthy nut jobs who WANT a reduction in earth population by 90%. Unfortunately, they may soon get their wish.

      I think the die was cast back in the late 1990s when the DOE agreed to and then withheld funding to Dr. George Miley to study the possibilities of remediating radiation with cold fusion cells. It was an opportunity lost.

      Dr. Frank Gordon (formerly of the SPAWAR cold fusion team), as recently as last year was part of a company working on a cell that could neutralize radiation but I have not heard anything from him or his company (GeNie I think) in some time.

      For those of you unfamiliar with the context of this conversation, it was recently reported by a UN official that if the holding pool of spent nuclear fuel rods at Fukushima reactor #4 collapses, enough radioactive material will be released into the oceans and atmosphere to kill most life on earth.

      • sapain

        people just have to buy $3000 worth of solar panels, problem solved.

      • Petrol

        Lies, half truths and distortions oh my.

        It’s no coincidence Kanagawa wave was painted with prussian blue. Stock up today and join the 10%.

      • how do they compute that.
        It will be bad, very bad, and could harm environments, and really pollute some zone for decades.
        But you don’t imagine the thousands of tons of thorium and other materials that are in the sea, in coal… and also the limit before it is really dangerous…
        people living in zone above 100mSv annualy, are in normal health, even less solid cancer (Hormesis).

        the facts that such crazy message spread are sign that they are simply lying and trying to develop fear as much as possible, without any ethic…
        if FUD is not enough, just ad lies as usual.
        nobody criticize them when they lie. Same for other religion in religious countries….

        it is like the pretended huge radioactivity that the government would be spreading across japan to hide the Fukushima average radioactvity…
        there is no limit about stupidity when people don’t want to see the inconvenient reality.

        data are public, since long, but can you see them.

      • Anony Mole

        Two older books to this topic “On The Beach” and “Alas, Babylon”, one is even a movie (maybe both). World wide nuclear fallout. If you want to be depressed, read those doom and gloom novels. I can’t imagine the total collapse of Fukushima, but, what a mess it’ll make if things don’t get fixed soon. Time to stock up on iodine pills (again).

    • john E

      sounds like you had a bad day

    • sapain

      i have to disagree. the most common metal element, silicon, can convert all the light to electrical energy we need. along with concentrated solar and the other alternative.

      90milesx90miles is all that is needed.

      people just have to go out and buy the solar panels and start using them.
      the solar industry needs ur help.

      the sales estimate for ebike in 2012 is 47million units and will hit 56 million in 2016. in the last 3yrs over a 100million ebikes have been put to use. that`s alot of cars not being used.

      • BigWilly


        You are so assured about the veracity of solar panels. I would advise you to obtain capital and make a large investment in solar if you think it is so viable. I would contend that they are in general not financially viable evidenced by the fact that large government subsidies are used to encourage their use.

        Perhaps I’m wrong though and there is some other conspiracy that is responsible for hiding solar panels’ obvious opportunity for investors and users alike.

        • sapain

          i did ivnest, i have solar panels, windmill, solarium and an ebike. no utility or energy costs for me. make more than investing in the stock market. i get a 100% return not some measly 3%.
          actually i have two syatems, the other is on a rental unit.

        • sapain

          note, i am prently helping people set up trackers, and other solar devices to help them out, at no charge.

        • sapain

          so u agree that it is okay to subsidize oil, coal and nuclear for 40 yrs and solar gets none. drop all the subsidies and c who wins.

          if people r awalys imformed through lies that solar isn`t viable they won`t buy. if people r so indebt they won`t be able to buy.

          the governments should b using the tax payers money to bring them free energy. intead they build stuff to distroy or get distroyed.

          • BigWilly

            Mr Sapain,

            Solar is heavily subsidized. At least here in America. The only “agreement I will make” is the agreement to buy the cheapest energy…period. If you can bring solar/wind/hydro or anything else to my door for cheaper than whatever I have I will switch. I assume 99% of the population would make this same switch as well.


          • sapain

            big willy,$0.02 is more than u get at ur door.

            300w x7hrs/day aver,tracker
            2.1kwhrs/dayx365=766.5kwhrs/yrx25yr=19162,5kwhrs at 10%eff loss=17246,25kwhrs for the next 25yrs
            total after 50yrs=36408.7kwhrs/$1000=$0.03/kwhr
            so a 300w panel and inverter for $1000 running for 50yrs, electricity costs $0.03/kwhr. panels will last longer, good gift for ur family.

      • Petrol

        Solar capacity and price has improved significantly over recent years. If only batteries would keep up 🙁

        • sapain

          use hydrgen. a simple elcrtolysis cell and a few inner tubes.

          on my e-cell, i use a stainless steel pipe about 6 inch long, threaded to plastic, both pos. and neg. r stainless. the design is the same as the school lab equipment. i attach the wires to the ouside of the steel pipe, the pipe lenght acts as a switch to shut down hydrogen production on low water levels. gas pressure fills inner tubes. i use weight to force hydrogen out. values to control flow. cheap. can store 100s of kwhrs. use gas for cooking, heating. a small feul cell for electric generation. simple. cost is about $100, less if ur a good salvager and last forever. good luck, have fun building. i use naoh as electrolyte.

          • xor

            There is nothing worse than a hoax from univeristy and scientists

          • xor

            There is nothing worse than a hoax from university and scientists

  • The presentation of Focardi is rather convincting and – I hope – quite replicable. But, is it our (the public) fault if Rossi doesn’t want to lend ( or sell) a few basic unit to independant testers ? We don’t want to open it, we only want to make our own tests and begin to developp applications ( such as home use boilers )

  • Free Thinker

    Speaking of companies, and LENR, maybe the list could be expanded. For example Dr. George Miley has set up LENUCO.
    There are also other companies with a LENR agenda.

    • I was nicely surprised that in last Italian LENR workshop, it is said to be present :
      Exxon, french subsidiary of an Italian oil drilling, STMicro, CEA (not sure), …
      maybe is the information leaking to maverick inside corporations and administrations.
      to be checked.

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  • Walter

    Russians make mashine that can make very cheap benzin or heat from .!

    • sapain

      i made a device for heat. a box with a glass plate, painted the inside black, got 200c and made some cookies.
      made another device, got a m2 fernel lens, boiled a litre in a minute.
      open ur eyes and see the light.

  • QC-JYM

    Isn’t it amazing! We spent billions and billions of dollars on CERN, and whenever someone finally step out to say something, NOBODY LISTEN!


    • dragon

      There is an reason for Nobody with power listening at CERN. It is because CERN and all institutions on planet Earth are working for the elite and they are building something with their help (according to a sophisticated design) to give them enough power over us that we cannot defeat them anymore trough our numbers alone.

      Right now, from a media point of view research on planet earth seems very disorganized (no clear goals, no communications between teams).
      But the reality is that deep inside higher levels of elite they have a very complex technological design, a very clear goal. We just wait like sheep to see what it is… they have against us.

      • In don’t feel is is a clear corruption as you say.

        It is simply refusing to tell/ask what will make you ridiculous in front of the boss/sponsor.
        It is integrating your boss certitude as your own certitude, to avoid mental conflicts.
        It is also for the boss, and others, not to look at things that could redistribute the cards. Because you already have good cards, new cards can only be worse. So don’t look at new cards, just check expected ones.

        Basically it is unconscious, very common at all level, and prevent you to see things that might make you feel less “rich”/”proud”/”happy” than before.
        the theory is explained there.
        the article of “Anosognosic’s Dilemma”, part 5 give good explanation of this common delusion.

        • sapain

          commonly known as the jones syndrome.

        • dragon

          If it is what you say, Alain, then a culture of fear is over whole humanity at this moment and that is the definition of slavery.
          I do not think that whole humanity is so conditioned now, that they can’t recognize better than worse, or do not have courage to act when they see it.
          What I think is that brave men (even throughout scientific community) exist and that they are doing what they can for us, but there is mass spread corruption within the institutions and it is with design (resembles an intelligence apparatus like CIA, KGB). These institutions are now run in a way that it is meant for the brave men to fail to bring power to the people at any level. I see design in this evil. And I see it very focused at this moment in all aspects of discoveries, focused on keeping us down. At this point all discoveries seems disruptive to the elite. We already have too much technology on our hands then they like us to have.

          • jabba

            Wow dagon, wearing your tin foil hat a bit too tight, eh?

          • dragon

            just a bit 🙂

          • your quote
            “then a culture of fear is over whole humanity at this moment and that is the definition of slavery.” is right…
            maybe the consequence og our comfort. master became slave after fear and laziness.

            About corruption, forget the conspiracy kind. No need. Just individual fears, cowardliness, comfort, interest, short sight…

            “Animal spirit” said Adam Smith.

          • sapain

            corruption, the banks in the western world r being support by fiat money, that is corruption, the elite house of cards will tumble when the printing presses stop.
            a financial collaspe will not bother me, i produce my own energy, to light, heat and transport etc.
            what bothers me is that the populace got sucked into be dependant of monopolies and it`s going to hurt alot of innocents.
            do u think it`s fair that the us people r on the hook for $1 million each so that elites can live the good life.
            people don`t use simple tech, a solarium is so simple and does so much, yet u hardly c them. they should b a standard for all homes.
            each country should be pumping out millions of solar panels for the citizens. what happens when each home has 3-5kws of solar cells and a solarium and hydrogen for storage. an ebike in every yard.

          • dragon

            Regarding solar you are right. If it only will be cheaper. Can you get some numbers and explain to us why is so expensive 3-5KW solar per home. I want to buy solar and I don’t get it why is so expensive for 3-5KW system, when the materials involved are not really expensive?

          • sapain

            1-patents ended for silicon and cell production around 2008. no more patent control, it`s a wide open global game.
            2-silicon production was gobbled up by communications,ie computer chip, causing a shortage to solar.
            3.silicon production is now on the rise by MT/yr. more smelters and refineries r coming on line.
            4. more silicon cell manufactures r coming on line. china and india r at it big time. robotic line production and their systems r now streamlining.
   is dropping in price every yr. more silicon and more cell manufacturing.
            6.western countries do not want solar, will kill the carbon market and nuclear. no more energy price fixing and inflation associated costs.
            7. investor building or supplying the solar infrastructure need money to expand and recapture investment. remember, solar became free of patents in 08, that`s when solar started dropping in price. 4yr and it has expanded exponentially.
   one laid off 2000 workers, not because of solar but because they can`t compete with china and india. corperate america still wants maximiun profit for nothing.
            9.ask urself why the government doesn`t spend 10billion on producing silicon and solar cells and putting 1000s of people to work. they won`t be able to control the energy market anymore, and the populace will be selling to the utilities. it`s a war, oil, coal, gas and nuclear r dinos.
   1 300w panel for $800 and an grid inverter for $150, put it on a home made tracker and plug it into ur outside plug. that easy. next yr do it again, it will be cheaper. just like the flat screen tv. every $ will help with the expansion and lower the cost by demand.

            hope that helped.

          • dragon

            I was thinking of starting a solar system this year, but because Rossi & Co. said they will give me cheap cold fusion device, I put it on hold until I see their device vs. solar.

            Thanks for the info. Sooner or later we will get to free energy.

    • sapain

      no, billions r stolen though taxes, interest and given to cern.

  • daniel maris

    I tried getting the BBC science department interested – but they didn’t even reply. Really poor in my view, given all the dodgy science featured.

  • GreenWin

    In New England and NE Canada many homes are heated by oil. The cost these days (my experience) is $12-1500/month x 5 winter months minimum. That is about $7,000 – not to mention cold Springs and Early Falls (it’s getting colder.) With the advent of a $1k 10kW e-cat or Hyperion water heater – I expect the recoup the entire cost of the unit in one month – the cost of “fuel” may be $100 for the entire winter.

    So, with installation and modification to use excess heat for my hot water – and factoring some electric cost for the LENR thermal ignition (an intermittent requirement from what I understand) – my total cost of unit, install, mods and electric ignition for one winter = $3k. Meaning I will save around $4k in the first year of operation.

    This is nascent, early market technology, which like the first refrigerators will be no where near efficient as later models. Still, I save heating fuel cost the very first year. That is revolutionary in my book.

    Looking forward to spending my extra income no longer paid to the fuel oil company. College fund. Remodel kitchen. Vacation extension. Electric car down payment – I’ll buy the electric gen mod when available. Many options with low cost energy arriving for all.

    • sapain

      east coast, get into algea, in one summer u can produce ur winter heat, a few solar panel and solarium will help. lots of tidal power.

      go buy a 1200gal plastic septic tank for a $1000 and raise algea. u will get a life time of heat using solar and solar is free. after u extract the oil, use the remaining for animal feed. algea farming is a simple process, container, light, warmth and nutrients.

      • theotherguy

        in the 70’s I suggested to my 80 yr old aunt we replace her expensive gas heater with an efficient and much cheaper to run wood stove. She told me she’d had enough of hauling wood and ashes, she likes just pushing a button a out comes heat.

        What ever the replacement, it better be convenient.

        • sapain

          build ur grandma a solarium. on those sunny winter days she will love sitting there getting a tan will reading a good romance novel or knitting.

          • sapain

            sorry, should have said aunt. but if ur grandma is still with u, build her one too.

  • vbasic

    It will only take ONE commercial LENR device for the world to pay attention. Even if it was very expensive. Even the skeptics will pay attention. Physicists will salivate to get one on the lab bench.
    Until then, these types of forums will be the main source of information, as we wait for the big reveal, that may revolutionize science and technology. This might be a good thing. We can always say we were here as fans, long before everyone else got on the bandwagon.
    I think that’s why we initially got excited over Rossi’s e-cat. It seemed like he had a device ready to go (and he still might) and he even came up with a catchy name for his energy catalyzer avoiding the negative connotations of cold fusion.

    • Kim

      Very Well Written.

      Thanks, It says alot


      • Perhaps mankind’s problems are not global warming, pollution and price fixing by cartels.

        It appears as if humanity has a bigger problem and it is mental.

    • Fact: 1 MW plant has been on the market for 4 1/2 month with a three month delivery time on orders.

      Fact: Will supply clean heat for power at a
      fraction of the cost.

      Fact: No more orders yet since October except for the dozen or so by 2 customers. No one knows why except for secrecy while investments continue to pour into in more expensive options.

      • Gregory P

        nonsense !!! none of those “facts” are anything like resembling FACTS. IT is all just hearsay. Gets your facts straight !!!

        • A2E

          True story. If they were facts, someone other than the source must be able to prove them at any time. The only fact is that a source has spoken or gone on video with full belief that what he says is a fact. To believe is different than to prove it factual. I believe, but I am not convinced Allan’s post references a fact.

        • The definition of heresay is second hand information.

          I can tell you first hand that the 1MW plants have been publicly stated by Rossi to be for sale and offered from about 4 1/2 months ago on his website.

          The last item summarizes what information publicly stated by the source.

          At any rate the context is public acceptance. Why has the main media ignored this? Why have the investors and electrical consuming industries not taken advantage of the low cost secure
          and carbon free source of heat and or power? The answer may be the secrecy surrounding the sales revealed by the source so far.

  • skeptic

    When is the world ready to sit up and take notice?
    Answer: When anything comes out of CERN. Remember the last media frenzy? They had something they could not explain, went public and the whole world talked about ‘faster than light’ neutrons.

    The reason that no-one reads about cold fusion is that there are no serious scientists who say ‘I have something I cannot yet explain’.

    All it takes is one LENR experimenter to grab one scientist and say ‘please invalidate my experiment. Tell me where I am wrong’.

    The question you need to be asking is why the LENR experiments have not triggered this. Perhaps it’s because they are not really convincing or reproducable and hence, not noteworthy.
    If it were noteworthy, it would be picked up.

    • admin

      Rossi said to Focardi, ‘please invalidate my experiment. Tell me where I am wrong’. Focardi couldn’t do it, and was the one who wanted to go public with the E-Cat press conference in Jan 2011.

      For some reason Focardi hasn’t been taken terribly seriously yet.


    • GreenWin

      First, get your physics correct: CERN’s study claimed FTL NEUTRINOS. And ALL kinds of laboratories have all kinds of effects and results they cannot explain. That’s what science is all about. Take CERN’s and other physicists inability to explain why the neutrino appears to have varying mass (it’s not supposed to have any.) Or why after making a special exception of Charge & Parity Symmetry to the Standard Model, (Einstein) do neutrinos continue to violate conservation of energy laws??

      Results such as these remind scientists that it is possible that much of what they “know” is wrong.

      News organizations talk about stuff on their approved list. LENR is not. Simple. Anything that could disruptively end the fossil fuel industry in less than a decade – is verboten. The reasons are clear enough for a Fifth Grader.

      • Looks like FTL neutrinos is not possible afterall?


        Neutrino ‘faster than light’ scientist resigns

        The results of the neutrino experiment shook the world of physics Continue reading the main story

        Neutrinos ‘slow down’ in new test Flaw found in fast neutrino story Faster-than-light results queried The head of an experiment that appeared to show subatomic particles travelling faster than the speed of light has resigned from his post.

        Prof Antonio Ereditato oversaw results that appeared to challenge Einstein’s theory that nothing could travel faster than the speed of light.

        Reports said some members of his group, called Opera, had wanted him to resign.

        Earlier in March, a repeat experiment found that the particles, known as neutrinos, did not exceed light speed.

        When the results from the Opera group at the Gran Sasso underground laboratory in Italy were first published last year, they shocked the world, threatening to upend a century of physics as well as relativity theory – which holds the speed of light to be the Universe’s absolute speed limit.

        The experiment involved measuring the time it took for neutrinos to travel the 730km (450 miles) from Cern laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland to the lab in Italy.

        Call for caution

        Speaking at the time, Professor Ereditato added “words of caution” because of the “potentially great impact on physics” of the result.

        “We tried to find all possible explanations for this,” he said.

        “We wanted to find a mistake – trivial mistakes, more complicated mistakes, or nasty effects – and we didn’t.

        “When you don’t find anything, then you say ‘well, now I’m forced to go out and ask the community to scrutinise this’.”

        Despite the call for caution, the results caused controversy within the world of physics.

        If the findings had been confirmed, they would have disproved Albert Einstein’s 1905 Special Theory of Relativity.

        Earlier this month, a test run by a different group at the same Italian laboratory recorded neutrinos travelling at precisely light speed.

        Sandro Centro, co-spokesman for the Icarus collaboration, said that he was not surprised by the result.

        “In fact I was a little sceptical since the beginning,” he told BBC News at the time.

        “Now we are 100% sure that the speed of light is the speed of neutrinos.”

        So far, Professor Ereditato has not commented on his decision to step down from his post.

        • GreenWin

          To clarify: the article Geoff copies is an uncredited update. I have credited the BBC reporters stories and dates as best I could.

      • GreenWin

        Geoff does not credit or quote a BBC News Science and Environment update and two other BBC stories from Feb 23, March 16, and March 30, 2012. The first two stories are written by a Jason Palmer – the article below is uncredited. And although the uncredited story appears to make Prof Ereditato look incompetent or utilizing poor scientific method – that is clearly NOT the case.

        “The team had carried out their measurements for more than three years, exhaustively scrutinising their methods and analysis before announcing the results last year – so why had they not found these issues before?

        “It’s sometimes very difficult to tell whether this thing could have been done before – because in a sense the answer is always yes,” said Sergio Bertolucci, director of research at CERN.

        Prof Bertolucci outlined the complexity both of the experiment and the analysis of the results, stressing that the hunt for just these kinds of problems had been relentless.

        “One has to realise that the collaboration has never stopped to try to ‘kill’ the measurement (proving that it was erroneous),” he told BBC News.

        “Their constant search for systematic (errors) has never stopped, for more than a year.” Feb 23, 2012 Jason Palmer BBC News Science reporter

        “Since September, more than 80 scientific papers about the finding have been posted to the arXiv pre-print server. Most propose theoretical solutions for the observation; a few claim to find problems.”
        Paul Rincon, BBC News science editor

        FOUR more experiments intended to verify the OPERA and Icarus results are scheduled for later this year.

        • This rather looks like the usual rush to try to discredit anything that doesn’t precisely mirror the ‘standard model’. Actually nothing is proven either way regarding the OPERA results. Prof. Ereditato simply reported his teams’s results, as he was obliged to do, and invited others to explain them. He acted completely as he should, and if he has now resigned it is probably due to internal politics.

          The only fact is that another team, using different equipment, has failed to replicate the ‘effect’. That **may** be because no effect exists, or it could be because of differences in locations, procedures, equipment, software etc. etc. Certainly no factor or fault has so far been found that invalidates the OPERA result, so more data is awaited. Relief by some that there is no violation of the standard model may still be premature.

          Sandro Centro, co-spokesman for the Icarus team: “Now we are 100% sure that the speed of light is the speed of neutrinos.” Considering that neutrinos appear to have a minute mass that appears to vary slightly between the superposed ‘eigenstates’. If this is the case then neutrinos should propagate at marginally less than C. Even if the total mass of the three eigenstates is equal to zero (which would presumably require a negative mass for 1 or more mass states!) there should still be a minute delay in arrival, i.e., the measured speed of a mass of neutrinos should be <C.

          • Update reports:

            Timing errors ruled out, leaving the loose optical coupling theory to be tested in May.

          • GreenWin

            The old school is running harder and faster than ever. Rather like the dutch kid who tried to prevent the dam break. The uncredited “BBC item” Geoff failed to quote reeks of phony news tampering. A last resort for the crumbling fiefdoms of “expertise.”

    • Skeptic, you are not so much a skeptic as ignorant. Please inform yourself here

  • Kim

    I just listed to M.T. Keshe on Project Camelot.

    About his Theories and Production Devices

    What he was really trying to impress was the fact
    that the whole world needs to understand first
    (All Governments) only then can we go forward, otherwise some crazy people may try to use it. ect…

    I don’t think we have reached the level of maturity
    among all people to let this technology flurish.

    Its entire Paradigm Shift and it you don’t understand
    the implications of this new Science you may use it
    in a negative way. ect…


    • Joe

      Almost every energy source that has been comercialized has been misused in some way throughout history. Nuclear energy (hot fission) has been used as an instrument of death as one clear example of this unintended use.

      Even an automobile can be used as a dealy weapon so then should we recall every single vehicle because it can be misused?

      A “paradigm shift” is exactly what the world needs most as we are mercilessly gouged by the current energy vendors (the gas and oil industry) which will otherwise lead us into another “Great Depression” as a result.

      Is the world ever going to be “mature” enough to use energy completely responsible? We would have to wait for the extinction of mankind for this day to arrive.



  • Brad Arnold

    FYI: Robert Mockan on April 10, 2012 at 2:45 pm
    Use a nickel wire in hydrogen gas and you can do the same experiment. In fact it even works with Nichrome resistance wire, that is a nickel and copper alloy.
    You can demonstrate LENR by putting a resistance heater using Nichrome heating elements, that you buy at the store, into a container of hydrogen gas at low pressure, and turn it on. Measure the temperature on the outside of the container filled with air and you get one temperature. Measure it filled with hydrogen and you get higher temperature. You can get an accurate measure of the LENR generated power by measuring the power into the heater, and measuring the heat generated by the heater with a flowing water calorimeter about the container. All the nickel hydrogen LENR products do is go to small size nickel particles to increase surface area, add ingredients to increase more spillover of atomic hydrogen onto the nickel particles, and increase hydrogen diffusion through the interstitial spaces of the nickel lattice by hydrogen gas pressure and temperature cycling, with or without the presence of an external magnetic field, and with or without additional lattice and hydrogen stimulation with ultrasonics, radio waves, AC magnetic fields, and so on. If you want proof of LENR, just do it. It is not rocket science.

    • Alan DeAngelis

      Yeah Brad, this is sort of like the unstructured things we used to do after school for fun (where the real learning took place). We should get back to that.

    • GreenWin

      Excellent Brad. You got to wonder – do the heavens align in some divine way to opens windows to human evolution? Your Nichrome wire experiment SHOULD be done at every high school science lab – over and over. And as you explain well, the commercial implementations of LENR for water heating and eventually electric generation – it does not take a warehouse full of equipment to make low, low cost energy. It’s home shop stuff.

      The cat is long out of the bag, the genie out of the bottle and human evolution moves forward. “So little we know. And so much time.”

    • Zalaz

      Brad, no offense, but have you done the experiment you describe? And if so, what were the results?

    • Brad, Nichrome is either Nickel and Chromium
      or Nickle, Chromium and a small amount of Iron.

      No Copper without a custom made alloy.

  • georgehants

    From 22 PASSI with thanks
    Thursday, April 19, 2012
    The atom unexplored – Turin, May 4, 2012
    Last night I put this ad on top of the blog: “WARNING! Is coming a very interesting news! And life will get harder for those fanatics who continue to deny the existence of lern is now thoroughly tested and proven: soon will have only two alternatives, open your mind or shut up. ”
    Many people will expect that I would dedicate this post to the presentation on that LENR Celani and Srivastava held next April 26 at La Sapienza in Rome, after the colloquium at CERN in Geneva on 22 March.
    Others have thought the most interesting interview with Andrea Rossi Antonella good Spotti Basil (who also writes frequently comments on 22 steps, simply by signing Anto) and published yesterday. I leave the link: it’s called ” E-Cat Story – Interview with Andrea Rossi “and, as written by our user Silvio tonight, is” the article read far more serious and professional e-cat … and think that it is a science fiction magazine. ” Again hats off to Antonella. The ideas offered in this article we will return to speak calmly.
    But no, what I anticipate this morning is another, albeit related. The conference is organized for May 4 at the Polytechnic of Turin titled THE ATOM Unexplored, I leave introduced to another of the “historic users” of this blog:
    Having the same table a comparison between the high-energy nuclear reactions and nuclear reactions at low energy could be a turning point, a historical event, but even more important is the fact that Italy, a country of navigators, poets, saints – and discoverers, I might add – has a major role in the search for new energy and new nuclear reactions.
    The premises are to us. The title of the conference, which will be held in the Great Hall of the Polytechnic of Turin on May 4, with humility emphasizes an indisputable fact: there are still many things to discover, there are still many mysterious islands to explore.
    Enrico Fermi and the boys via Panisperna in 1926 discovered nuclear power, laying the theoretical and experimental basis since 1934 with the discovery of slow neutrons, have allowed the creation of the first nuclear reactor and, unfortunately, the first atomic bomb.
    In the nearly eighty year history of nuclear power, thanks to a discovery entirely Italian, with many strides have been made, whether good or bad. Today we are at the dawn of a new science, an inevitable generational change, social and scientific, the stagnant and outdated “artificial nuclear science” is rightly confined to history, to give space to the “natural nuclear science.”
    It seems absurd and inconceivable, but questioning the Italian actors, the new “via Panisperna boys”, the low energy nuclear reactions, ineffable and seemingly unique to the standards set by scientific rigor, seem to be natural nuclear reactions, reactions that can occur even between simple elements and non-radioactive.
    In short, even elements such as iron, nickel, zinc and many others may melt or rupture producing new elements, and in some cases, as in “artificial nuclear reactions”, releasing energy.
    These natural reactions involving the atom and its structure as a result of many “clues”, and some new experimental evidence “presumptuous” theory, seem to occur spontaneously in nature at room temperature and are not necessarily confined only to our star .
    From time immemorial, people have observed nature. Understand it was the biggest challenge, then replicate and apply the evolutionary leap.

  • I am writing a novella about LENR called “The Hole.” It will be serialized in The American Reporter (

  • When we mention Nickel Hydrogen so often, we omit the catalytic carbon component. Without it, nothing ahppens, and without the right kind of carbon, nothing happens. Hi-H should be called Ni-H-C!

    • I meant Ni-H, not Hi-H, although I like the sound of that! Sorry!