More Details About Pirelli High School Cold Fusion Experiment

I am most grateful to one of our Italian readers (‘Francesco’) for supplying this translation of an email sent from Engineer Ugo Abundo to Daniele Passerini which was published on the 22passi blog yesterday. This is much improved from the Google translation I used yesterday.

At last Doctor Passerini!

I’m very pleased to know you. We’ve been able to meet up (on the web).

I’ve been trying through the J. Von Neuman foundation (research body in Artificial Intelligence) to contact your web site, which I’ve been reading for a long time with much interest, appreciating the stylemark. It was my intention to invite your sympathizers to our conference through your blog, for a direct exchange of ideas. We can always remedy this.

In a few days we will publish on the internet the video recording of the whole conference, from the introduction, to the students’ interventions, to the starting of the reactor, to the one and a half hour of confrontation with free questions and collegial discussion. We will also add a bulk of technical material regarding the experiments made and future plans.

I’ll drop you a hint that it it an electrolytic reactor (Mizuno type, Iorio), but with the fundamental difference that free nanopowders are used, not treated or fixed on supports, that we’ve been able to confine and turn on in a totally innovative fluidized-bed reactor.

We, in alternative to whom makes a kind of communication too much vulnerable claiming yelds that are usually denied by detractors, during the conference, while stating to have reached yelds that are in the range of 400% or higher (according to our interpretation of measurements), have not given a live demonstration of such measurements (we have only turned on the reactor to communicate visually what we were talking about), but with a fundamental news.

The news is in the fact that we have patented the powder cathod in the name of the school so that from now on nobody interested in personal gain will be able to patent it.

The Public Institution, on the other side, will be able to supply the reactor to allow experimentations, or just the licence of use at the derisory cost of the illustrative material for the self construction and the best protocol of use.

We are a group of (teachers) engineers with sectorial skills in radioprotection, chemical, physics, mathematics, engineering and we have integrated our strenghts in this accomplishment (with the precious help of our students that have acquired important competencies on the field, even if limited to the educational aspects).

The patent is functional to the most open circulation, both of the construction plans and of the tests and interpretations, in order to be able to share the informations without fearing that the reader patented himself what we have communicated and subsequently precluded us and others to carry on in promising directions.

We have then challenged the detractors to make the measurements by themselves, with us checking where they make mistakes, making us available to even lend our device but making the tests in our attendance (we would unmask even the sleight of hand of a detractor).

Currently we are taking a breather from the big effort made in the organization of the event, and checking the evolution of the post event chain, in terms of diffusion of news, possibly correct (but unfortunately we have found unintentional mistakes of transmission).

In a short we will be able to cooperate with you supplying the said open informations, in order to facilitate their diffusion.

We are gathering around us suitable professionalities to build the critic mass in order to unhinge the wall of technological, scientific and of method difficulties that have not permitted yet to explain the nature of the involved phenomenon, and to aim at an experimentations campaign duly designed with the target of the understanding of the phenomenon (we know that perhaps we are aiming too high, but at least we will pick up some success close to the ground in the worst case, while aiming low usually you can pick up underground targets…)

Ing. Ugo Abundo

I suggest visiting the School site, where the homepage starts to show a list, already not up to date, of links that talk about the event, that are growing up in number so quickly that the boys of the internal editorial office can’t keep up with them.

For immediate release both this letter and our appreciation for your work and for whom makes vivacious your blog, please accept our best regards

Ing. Ugo Abundo

P.S. Engineer Abundo adds:

“it will be possible for the people that read you, to get immediately, free of charge, the construction plans to self build the reactor and make it work, in order to open a campaign of free experimentations with the aim to achieve and hopefully surpass soon, the output achieved by us.

The making of it is not difficult and not expensive, neither for the instruments, so that tenths of independent experimenters can be involved.

Sorry for being short but we are running.

Best regards

UPDATE: A description and image of the Pirelli School’s ‘Athanor’ device are available here at Daniele Passerini’s 22passi blog.