Rossi on Conspiracies

One of the more interesting topics covered in Andrea Rossi’s recent interview with Russell Scott on the West Coast Truth radio show was that of conspiracy — a topic that comes up frequently in discussion of cold fusion technology. Scott asked Rossi if he believed that there were conspiracies involved in putting a stop to his work on E-Cat technology, and Rossi’s answer was ‘no’.

“If there are conspiracies, they have to be proven by evidence; I have no evidence of this. There is no conspiracy at all, less than ever against me. I am working very well and I am making very well my work. Of course you have to accept, and this is a physics law, when a consolidated system is changed . . . some resistance is the obvious consequence of a technological revolution. This is not a conspiracy, this is normal. The fact that low energy nuclear reactions up to now, since 1989, has not been put on the market did not depend on a conspiracy — it depends on the fact that no valid products have been put on the market. If you put a working product in the market, there is no conspiracy that can bind you, people buys it.”

From Rossi’s perspective, he has to deal with competitive forces in bring his products to market, and he doesn’t seem particularly worried about the hand of big oil, the scientific community, governments, or other conspiring entities trying to put a stop to his work. When asked whether he feared for his personal safety, Rossi responded that he puts his trust in God, and goes about his work.

The topic of whether conspiracies are at work is hotly debated in many places — including here on E-Cat World. It’s one of those topics that seems to generate lots of discussion, and it’s difficult to prove the point one way or another. I thought it was interesting, however, to get the perspective of Rossi, who is one of the people working in a field that some feel is a target of conspiratorial forces.