George Miley’s Lenuco to Present at TechConnect Showcase

TechConnect, an organization which aims to  connect innovative technology companies with investors and funders, will be holding its TechnConnect World Summit and Innovation Showcase in Santa Clara, California from June 18-21. One of the presenters in the cleantech segment of the event will be George Miley of the University of Illinois, who will be trying to attract interest in his newly founded company, Lenuco. Dr. Miley has been involved in research in the LENR field for some time, and has built a gas-loading cell which he has reported produces verifiable excess heat.

Here us the excecutive summary of Lenuco provided in the TechConnect program.

Location: IL, US
Speaker: George Miley
Title: Manager
Primary Industry: Renewable & Non-Traditional Energy

Executive Summary:

The discovery of practical applications of low energy nuclear reactions has created much activity and interest worldwide. Our approach using hydrogen loaded nanoparticles to produce heat that is converted to electrical output offers many advantages over others. Lenuco was founded to commercialize this technology and has a 2 pronged business model. One prong is to develop the technology for use by NASA to replace pu-238 radioactive power sources in future space probes. The second prong is to provide small to medium range distributed power source for home and industrial use. Both uses capitalize on the high power density and low maintenance, radiation free, long lifetime characteristics of LENR power cells.

The TechConnect program shows that there are a large number of companies making presentations at this event. Each will be trying to spark the interest of potential funders, so Dr. Miley will have a task ahead of him to try and stand out from the crowd. It will be interesting to see if his presentation will be convincing enough to find someone with money to invest in Lenuco’s vision and technology.