E-Cat World Exclusive Interview with Andrea Rossi, May 12, 2012.

F: What is the actual process you have to go through to get this done?

R: Well we have…. we have given… we have made a contract with an important well recognized company that makes certifications. And they are working on it. It is a process like this takes months. We have made this contract a few months ago so it will take more time. And the specialists are working on it and we are working with them. By the way, we are in course two certifications. Two certification processes. One in the USA and one in Europe.

F: I see. Is this like an ongoing process where you have to communicate with them frequently?

R. Exactly. We are corroborating with them exchanging information they will give us all the requirements because at the end of the process we will receive directions for requirements to be respected. Also, rules also have to be applied to the E-Cats to make them certifiable. AT that point we will have a document in which the certifier will say that this apparatus is safe provided it is made so and so and so.

F: In other words they will tell you what they require of you, you have to go and build it, send it back to them, and they have to test it again?

R: Yes, we are waiting for the requirements of the certificators before making the software of the robotized line which will produce the domestic plants. While for what concerns the one megawatt plants, the certification has practically already been given and we will receive it officially within weeks. And we are preparing already the instruction manuals which are based on the requirements established by the certificator.

F: Will that mean that you will be free to manufacture your one megawatt plants as many as you want?

R: Yes. This is correct.

F: I see. With the one megawatt plants, are these being manufactured in the United States or in Italy or can you say?

R: Yes, they are manufactured both in Italy at the moment and in the United States, because it is quite convenient because otherwise there should be heavy customs to pay that would increase the price in a relevant measure, And also the transportation costs can increase the price, but mainly the customs that would affect the price up to 20%. So it is convenient that they are manufactured in the area where they will be utilized. So far we have orders in the United States and in Europe. So we have organized in these two areas.

F: When you mention orders, are these new customers?

R: Yes.

F: And now with this new potential breakthrough will you have to redesign your one megawatt plants again?

R: It depends. Not for what concerns the plants that have to be used to make thermal power. We will have to redesign them, you know… first of all we have to see if the data will be confirmed. If the data is confirmed it will be possible to produce also plants for other kinds of utilization. For example, application to Carnot cycle circuits, and other application as we can say for example the Sterling engine, etc. The design will be different in that case, yes.

F: There have been some questions if whether the first plant you demonstrated in Italy has been delivered to the customer. Can you say yes or no for that?

R: I can say yes. The plant has been delivered and is working properly.

F: How about the factories for your small devices. How is progress going on those?

R: We have the factories and we have made a contract for the robots. We are waiting as I said for the certification requirements to make the software. As for the one megawatt plant, the situation is completely different because they will not be mass produced. Not at this time in any case. So the situation is much simpler.

F: I see. You said there was going to be a plant in the United States for the small ECATs. The other plant…..

R: We also for what concerns the small domestic ECATs we will produce them in the United States and in Europe for the same reason I said before.

F: Is that going to be Italy?

R: Yes. We are preparing a factory in Italy.

F: Yes, OK. The Italians will be happy to hear that.

R: Yes. At this moment in Italy it is particularly important to make jobs. But we are also proud to say we will make jobs in the United States. It was very important to make as I said before the E-cats in both areas to avoid customs and to avoid also another lot of issues.

F: I see. When do you think the public might first see one of your products in action?

R: Yes, I think it will not take a long time. Because we are close to deliver a plant in a situation that is not military, as has been the first one, and the public will be allowed to get information about that. The reason why we do not yet disclose names, etc is that I pray you to understand, I pray everyone to understand that we have been extremely disturbed from a mass of negative actions wherever we had to operate. You know there are many persons that are not working to help but are working to destroy. We must protect ourselves from this and our customers have and the persons that work with us have been extremely disturbed in past as soon as their name has been disclosed. Because they receive thousands and thousands of not positive pressures, and this makes our work, and their work very difficult. So we can disclose things when they are very consolidated, and when there is not a risk that wrong pressures can circulate our job and the job of ours and of our customers.

F: So do you think possibly sometime this year there might be a disclosure?

R: Yes. I pretty think so.

F: You mentioned on your website recently that in October you are hoping to have a conference for licensees. Could you tell us about that?

R: Yes, we will organize it as a course to exchange with them information, exchange information between them to uniform the commercial products. And to give all the technological informations that will be necessary.

F: Can you give an approximate number of licensees you have at the moment?

R: We have covered all of the main markets of the world. With some sections. At the moment we have about twenty licensees.