Rossi Says E-Cat COP Fixed at 6

Andrea Rossi has been consistent in saying that his E-Cat systems have a Coefficient of Performance (COP) of 6 — meaning that the total energy output of an E-Cat is six times the amount of energy input. Many of us have wondered whether this number is based upon Rossi’s current design, and if it can be improved upon in the future. A question about this was raised on Rossi’s Journal of Nuclear Physics Blog:

Q: Have you found some very fundamental physical reasons to this limitation (which you will publish some day) or is this just because of the current engineering choices ?

A: Very good question. We have found physical reasons to this limitation, and we are going to publish this fact along with the theory.

When I interviewed Rossi recently I asked about the COP issue and received a similar response, and it seems like the COP of six is necessary for safety and stability. Rossi said, “we have from some part some clown that says I made a COP of 20 a COP of 50 and this is just clownery that we never see anything working really at that level because it is simply impossible . . . The reality is that work safely we can get a COP of six, and this is quite an achievement . . . we have very stable situation when we work with a COP of six, and this is why we stay on that range.”