More from Rossi on the High Temperature E-Cats

Since Andrea Rossi announced that he had almost 20 high temperature E-Cat reactors there have naturally been many questions about them, some of which have been posted on the Journal of Nuclear Physics, and have been responded to by Rossi. A few new details have been added by AR

When I say above 600 Celsius I mean exactly this: the temperature of the wall is well above, as you will see from the report we will publish soon ( matter of weeks). The temperature is constant, within a reasonable variation integral.

Rossi also said:

We do not produce steam boilers, so this issue will be assessed by the boiler manufacturer. We will not manufacture or engineer heat exchangers of any kind. What we have to do is to obtain the primary walls at a temperature above the temperature demanded for the steam, with the due power

It looks from these statements that the temperature being measured at this point is not steam — it is the wall of the reactor. It seems that Rossi is essentially building the heating element, and leaving the rest of the apparatus required for steam production, or whatever other application might be needed, to others. It would make a lot of sense for Rossi to partner with companies that have the expertise on staff to design and build the systems needed to produce power, and who already have off-the-shelf products which can be incorporated into products.

Rossi commented also that, “We are already manufacturing the industrial 1 MW plants and we are close to the manufacturing of high temperature plants.” This sounds like that, in addition to running the high temperature reactor tests, they are busy designing products around them while the tests continue — which would certainly involve working with other engineering outfits. Before news of the high temperature E-Cats came along, Rossi had said he had been working with Siemens AG on the testing of a turbine. I wonder if they are still involved.