Defkalion GT Discusses Business [Updated]

Peter Gluck, of the Ego Out blog, recently conducted a Skype interview with a member of the Defkalion Green Technologies management team (the name of the person was not revealed) in which DGT’s business plans and operations were the main topic.

Earlier in the year Defkalion announced they would be participating in a number tests with various organizations, but since saying that they have gone very quiet. Many people have been wondering what has been going on with DGT, and one would hope an interview like this would be an opportunity to find out some details.

Unfortunately, most of the answers to questions posed include rather general statements, many of which have been stated previously in similar ways by the company. Not much new information was included, as far as I could determine. This interview was apparently intended to discuss the business aspects of DGT, not the technology, and so we are no clearer on the results of the testing, except to learn that “Laboratory tests have been validated recently by several inventors and scientists in Italy, Japan and America. Our results in Greece are considered to be the most advanced. We are nearing a huge success with an international energy ‘breakout’. ”

From the interview we are told that over a thousand entities from around the world have shown an interest in Defkalion’s technology, and that there is ongoing assessment of interested parties which seems to be a strain on DGT’s resources. The DGT spokesperson says, “At first we intended to conduct due diligence
(physical and documentation) we realized that finances and time restrictions did not permit us. So, we have relied our efforts on understanding the commitment level of each company through various other means.”

One answer to a question regarding DGT’s industrial secret did provide a little bit of technical information: “We have constructed a product that will have more than 6 patents. Only one of them will be linked to Nickel. We expect a strong industrial espionage effort to know what is in the powder. As such, although we are protecting this secret, our competitive edge is beyond the element of powder; it is in the total functionality of the product. As such, although we initially were going to be selling the powder, we will give it free to all our OEMs as part of the royalty scheme on their sales. Eventually someone will copy it, so why base our revenues on something that could / will be copied?

As far as future development goes, DGT urges followers to have patience — more information would be coming ‘soon’. They reminded us that they would be presenting at the ICCF-17 in Korea, and so perhaps that will be the next opportunity to learn more about their operations.

UPDATE: Defkalion GT provided this status update on their web site on June 29th:


Following our absence from the public sphere, the following is a status update: We are conducting analyses of our materials using XRF and ICP-MS. We are committed that this analysis be done with the highest standards. To ensure these high standards, we are using multiple laboratories in Europe. When those results are available, we shall present them in the appropriate forum.

We also have designed and are operating a fully instrumented flow calorimeter to measure the power production of our reactor. Outside scientists and engineers are measuring the input power as well as our flow calorimeter output performance. All these results will be presented when we are confident that they will withstand the scrutiny demanded by our own interests in product development, and the scrutiny of our customers. We thank you for your continued interest in our challenging and important work load.