Celani Demonstrates Excess Heat from Nickel Hydrogen Reactor at NIWeek [New Photo]

Francesco Celani of the Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics has been presenting a Nickel-Hydrogen based LENR reactor at the National Instruments NIWeek in Austin Texas. New Energy Times today reported on Celani’s process which involves preloading a nickel wire with hydrogen for up to three days. Celani brought a preloaded wire to the NIWeek convention center to demonstrate his device.

Austin-based LENR researcher told New Energy times: “As soon as we applied the electrical power to the internal nichrome-wire heater (48 Watts DC), we began to see excess heat. There was no incubation period. Celani has eight thermocouples in the reactor, and he measured between 58 and 68 Watts heat output. So, conservatively, it produced an average of 10 Watts of excess heat continuously from the time we started, at 1 p.m., until we left, at 7 p.m. – for six hours.”

Daniele Passerini of 22passi.blogspot.com spoke today with Celani who said that the reactor had been running continuously for over 55 hours and that National Instruments measuring tools showed that the peak of excess heat was 22W with a stable excess heat measurement of 14W.

A detailed report of Celani’s reactor and excess heat measurements  can be found here.