Robert Duncan at NIWeek on the Anomalous Heat Effect

Here’s an interesting video from this week’s NIWeek in Austin featuring Professor Rob Duncan from the University of Missouri. Duncan is becoming a bit of a rock star at LENR events these days, and I think for good reason. He has the solid ‘let’s go where the data takes us’ attitude, which is really all that LENR proponents have ever wanted. It is interesting to see him taking the main stage at this National Instruments conference and talking unashamedly about the Pons and Fleischmann effect, which he calls the anomalous heat effect, is in fact real. Professor Duncan has said that he has received some criticism from other scientists, but he simply states that we must follow the scientific method dispassionately and follow the data.

This video also features National Instruments’ Greg Morrow who talks about how NI has been involved in measuring the anomalous heat effect.