Celani Reports from ICCF-17

A brief report from Francesco Celani at the ICCF-17 conference was posted on 22passi.blogspot.com today. He seems understandably to be in good spirits and there are signs that the LENR cell which he is demonstrating at the conference might be getting some welcome attention. That the Korean TV is getting interested should be encouraging to those who are puzzled why there is so little media attention to this story.

Dear Daniele,

Everything has worked out well and better than expected. The article (5 pages) at NIWeek is the same as that of ICCF-17: you can publish it.

Other news of interest:
1) I’m sending you my presentation (about 1.5 M): you can publish it on the net.
2) Yesterday we reassembled the reactor…
3) After a brief local recalibration (about 2 hours) on the reference input power (48W), with hydrogen, the reactor SLOWLY but surely started to produce excess heat. Currently, after about 20 hours of operation, we have reached about 14W!
One of National Instrument’s engineers from the US came for the software part; he was helped by two other NI engineers from Seoul.
4) MIRACLE: even the arch-skeptics from NRL (US) have complimented me. Thus, green light.
5) In the evening, Korean TV will come and make a detailed report on it

NB: it’s complicated to make contact. EVERYBODY is looking for me. The phone lines are often filled out.

See you soon,
Francesco CELANI

Thanks, AB!