For Discussion: Communiqué from Attendees at ICCF-17 on Replication Project

I have received the following from a representative of a group of attendees at the recent 17th International Conference on Cold Fusion in South Korea. The intention of publishing here is to stimulate discussion and generate ideas. Please, relevant and constructive comments only on this thread, as the discussion will be used to inform the project.

South Korea, 18 August 2012


Following an inspirational ICCF-17, attendees from the conference have solicited the agreement of key stakeholders to facilitate replications of an experiment that has shown to reliably demonstrate excess anomalous heat. We aim to enable at least 5 replications in disparate geographies, by respected authorities, to remove all doubt that this field is legitimate and has a role to play in securing the future.

The effort will be socially funded and this is where you come in.

– Which experiment that was discussed at ICCF-17 and/or NI Week do you think lends itself most to replication in order to meet the stated aim?
– What minimum protocol would you want participants to follow?
– What information would you like to be made public?
– What rewards would you suggest should be offered as part of the social funding exercise?
– What should the reproduction effort be called
– Given that the power measurement equipment costs $25,000 per set up, what amount do you think would need to be raised in the social funding effort to meet the aims?

There are some significant legal and technical issues to resolve, but it is believed that they are not insurmountable. It is the world’s opportunity to end the guessing game and ensure that this field of science finally realises its potential.

It is expected there will be an associated website, dedicated to this effort, within a number of weeks where you will be able to more directly approach the proposal.