Rossi Not Expecting Media Attention from Upcoming Conference

While some people have been expecting, or hoping that the upcoming conference in Switzerland where Rossi will speak about his technology and new test reports might start to bring about media attention, Andrea Rossi is not one of them. He recently said about the conference:

“About the media: sincerely, I do not think our convention of Zurich will raise any interest: as I always said, what counts are not chatters, what counts are working plants.”

From Rossi’s perspective reports and conference addresses are not going to be enough to get the media involved in this story, and from the almost complete non-coverage from any media of any LENR activity, which has been considerable over the last couple of years, I think he is probably right. My expectation is that this conference will be covered in the same web sites that have been following the story for some time now, including here, of course. I am pleased to say, that although I won’t personally be in Zurich, E-Cat World will be receiving a report from a conference attendee which will be published here.

Even if the much-discussed E-Cat test report that will be released just prior to the conference confirms the LENR claims that Rossi has been making over the last couple of years, I would be quite surprised if there was much coverage of it in the media. LENR is almost completely off the radar of most mainstream journalists. If it was a report of the latest testing of some unreleased Apple product, it would be a different story, however! Rossi has reiterated that there won’t be any demonstration of his technology at the conference, so there’s another reason for the media to stay away.

I don’t think Rossi’s intentions at this point are to interest the media. His targets with these conferences and reports are probably serious players in the world of engineering and business who have their ear to the ground and are looking to pick up on something new and useful, even if it has not yet hit the media in a big way.