High Temperature E-Cat Report Published

Below are three separate documents which comprise the report that Andrea Rossi has authorized for release. The first document is the main report, the second is a data file from this report, and the third contains some corrections to the first report and expanded information.

Andrea Rossi asked that I issue this statement along with the reports.

“This report comes from two separated tests made on the 16th of July and the 7th of August, made by the Certificator and professors from 2 Universities. We are under NDA with both, but I want to make very clear that this is not a final report, because all the measurements have to be repeated many times before reaching the reliability necessary to a product. Therefore all the measurements have to be repeated many times more. We are on the right way to make a very important product, but
much R&D work has still to be done.”

Penon4 (1)

Hot Cat Data


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