Zurich E-Cat Conference Thread (Day 1)

I thought I would create an open thread for people who are following the September 8-9th E-Cat Conference in Zurich. It can be a place where people can post significant news and information coming out of the conference. I have made some arrangements to have some conference attendees send me reports, but I don’t know for sure when those will arrive. I’m hoping for some live updates. I know that Sterling Allan of PESN will be there, and so there may be updates from the conference on PESWiki.com.

Here’s a link to a live stream of the conference provided by E-Cat Deutschland: http://www.ecat-deutschland.org/index.php/live-stream, which I hope will provide live video of the proceedings.

An alternative link to the live stream is here — seems more reliable than E-Cat Deutschland’s stream.

I can confirm that I have been sent the validation report that Andrea Rossi has been talking about, and will be discussing at the conference, and I will be free to publish that here on E-Cat World on September 9th.

Rossi said this about the report today:

I do not know, but my paper tomorrow will not be anything special: it will explain a R&D work, with the description of measures made on the Hot Cat: such R&D work will have to be completed, so many other tests will have to be done before having a high temperature industrial application.
We got encouraging results and we will describe them.

Please add news, information and comments below. I’ll add any significant information I come across to this post as the day progresses.

Here’s a link to the program — the conference starts at 2:00 p.m. Zurich time (GMT+1)

Rossi with bodyguards

I asked one of my contacts who is in Zurich what he thought the purpose of the meeting was. His response: “Mainly investors and contributers orientated. My best guess is that rossi wants to get a distribution infrastructure quickly. But I already met other physicists who are just very curious. I hope we get some answers and news too :)”

Rossi the rock star

Rossi has a fan.

As best as I could understand, Rossi said that the ‘Classic’ E-Cat has received safety certification by SGS. Apparently there are other ‘product’ certifications that need to be obtained. Not sure what the difference between the two kinds of certification are.

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