An Assumption

Thanks to Astralprojectee for a recent commment here that I think brings up a good point, and reflects the attitude of many people following the E-Cat story. He said:

“I think most of us here are going off of a general assumption that most people don’t lie. This is a general statement of course. But this is generally true. We all interpret what we experience differently but in the end we don’t serial lie and make up things, especially like this. Now the question is, is Rossi a serial liar? I have not found any read flags yet. We all for the most part have good intentions even if we are delusional and out of touch with reality.”

I am assuming that Andrea Rossi is not a serial liar when he reports the things he does about his work and technology. I personally don’t believe he is lying, and admittedly that is a judgment call I make based on evidence that has accumulated over the past couple of years. I suppose it is conceivable that this whole affair could be based on the total fantasy of a delusional person, or a massive scheme of a criminal mind — but based on all I have learned, I don’t see it.

But I think it is important for readers of this site to understand that I am making the assumption that Rossi is reporting substantially accurate things about his technology. He’s certainly not telling us everything he knows, and we are only really getting glimpses about his work from his usually short posts, so there are certainly many unknowns with regard to the E-Cat.

If things change, and information comes forward that causes the whole story to unravel, I will admit that my assumptions were mistaken.