EPRI Publishes Report on Energy Production from Nanoscale Metal Lattice

Thanks to E-Cat World readers for bringing attention to a new report published by Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) entitled “Program on Technology
Innovation: Assessment of Novel Energy Production Mechanisms in a Nanoscale Metal Lattice”. The report was prepared by Brian Ahern of Vibronic Energy Technologies Corporation and included an attempt to replicate the work of Professor Yoshiaki Arata who reported the production of excess heat from palladium powder infused with deuterium gas with no input power. Ahern also experimented with nickel powder and hydrogen gas. Here are some of his observations:

Nanopowder in the size range of 5–10 nm (verified by transmission electron microscope) was found to cause small amounts of excess power (in the 100-milliwatt level) for Ni-Pd alloys in the Arata format.

Three experiments were performed which illustrated that reproducible quantities of (several watts of) excess thermal power production can be obtained with nanotextured nickel and hydrogen. However, these samples needed to be heated above 360 C to observe the excess.

The full report can be downloaded for free here

Since so many people are having a hard time seeing the document, I have embedded it below. Since the document was made available for free by EPRI, I hope they don’t mind me doing this.