More on the First Hot Cat

This is just a quick post to follow up on the previous one. I was curious about where the first 1 MW Hot Cat plant might be installed, so I asked Andrea Rossi via email about it. Rossi had said that it would be made in the United States, and I wondered if that meant it would be installed there also. Here is his response to my question:

This will be decided by the US Partner, who has activities in all the Globe. You can write this. We will deliver in the USA, anyway.

I take this to mean that the plant will be built in the USA, and delivered to the customer here — and they will install it where they choose.

I realize that some will take this as just more ‘Rossi says’, but really this is what we have to go on for the time being. I am as eager as anyone to get information from others, and to see E-Cat plants working and producing useful energy. But I am also prepared to wait until the big pieces fall into place, and get as much information from whatever source I can in the meantime. People have to decide for themselves how much trust they put in Rossi’s statements. Speaking for myself, I am comfortable taking him at his word, understanding that not every projection he makes will be realized exactly as he anticipates — which is normal in business, as well as life in general.