Waiting for the Report

While commercial E-Cat products are listed as being for sale through Prometeon and other licensees, these plants are under wraps for now, and according to Aldo Proia it could be months after installation before the members of the press or general public might be able to see one in action. This being the case, there is not likely to be a huge amount of excitement generated about this technology among the general public if only secret customers are able to see and use it.

Proia says, and I tend to agree, that the “the most difficult thing is to have patience, because we all can not wait to pass these months and you get to a first goal.”

In addition to waiting to see live plants on the market, we are also still in waiting mode for the long-awaited 3rd party report which is supposed to provide solid validation of what Andrea Rossi has reported about the hot cat.

Today our regular contributor georgehants asked Andrea Rossi on his blog why the report had not yet been published when many people were expecting it to come out in October. Rossi answered saying, “As I said , I think that by November the report could be issued (Actually, I said by October/November…)”

Waiting for an important event one is looking forward to is never particularly easy, but it seems we have no choice. Extended waiting causes some people lose confidence, and others to lose interest. My attitude is that there’s really nothing that can be done except to have patience and try and enjoy the journey.