Rossi: 3rd Party Report 'Not Worse' Than Pordenone

Andrea Rossi is not giving too much away about the third party report on the hot cat that we have been expecting. However, he has made some comments that do give us an idea about what we can expect. He has mentioned that the results that the 3rd parties obtained were better than those of the July 16 hot cat report  of Fabio Penon which showed a unit producing maximum temperatures of over 1000 C with a COP of around 3.

Rossi recently responded to a question about the upcoming 3rd report by saying that it is “not worse” than the report that he presented at Pordenone, Italy in October which reported a unit producing average temperatures of 1050 C for 13 days with a COP of 11.7.

Rossi has said that the 3rd party testing has been completed, and now we have to wait for the report to be published.  Rossi won’t comment any further on the report because he says he is under NDA.

If we take Rossi at his word we can assume that this is going to be very positive in terms of the power and efficiency of his hot cat system. The Pordenone numbers shows a technology which should be extremely attractive to anyone interested in energy production, and I would expect this “not worse” report, which apparently will be coming from qualified professionals, to be very well received.