Andrea Rossi Featured in Swedish TV Show

After all the previews we finally got to see the show! Of course the program was in Swedish, which made it hard for me to follow the discussion (except when Andrea Rossi speaks in English) but I was quite surprised about how much the focus was on Rossi and the E-Cat, and not on the wider cold fusion/LENR field.

I don’t know if there was too much news revealed for those who have closely followed the story, but we did see a new Rossi factory, or workshop — this one in Ferrarra, Rossi’s home town, I believe. We also see what appears to be a second generation 1 MW E-Cat plant (low temperature) and Rossi operating one module of it in self-sustain mode for a moment.

While skeptics will point out that no proof of the E-Cat’s validity was presented, to me the show provides more evidence that Rossi is actually doing what he says he is doing — building working devices to be used in industry. The claim that he is a hoaxer, crazy or simply deluded does not make sense to me. To me, he appears to be a serious inventor and industrialist at work on a new technology.

I know we have a number of Swedish readers here, many of whom speak excellent English, and I am sure I can speak for all readers in saying we would be most grateful for any help you can give us in giving us some more details about what was covered in this program.