Site Moved

I’m glad to say that it looks like the transfer to the new host has gone reasonably smoothly — quite a relief really. I have restored the posts that were not in the backup file — you will notice that the comments under those posts have disappeared, however. I apologize for that, but I hope they will not be missed too much in the long run.

One thing that I notice has not transferred over correctly is the Forums section of the site. I am going to have to look into that and see how I can bring that back online.

Please let me know if you find other things that don’t seem to be working right.

I’m now hosting with a company that will allow me to grow as the need arises — something I could not do with the previous host. So hopefully we won’t have to go through this again, at least for a long time.

Thanks for your patience, and I apologize for any frustration or inconvenience this may have caused anyone.