Pons Preface to Biberian Fusion Book

Since the resurgence of cold fusion in the last few years one prominent figure who has stayed out of the spotlight is Stanley Pons.  After reaching almost household name status for a brief while in 1989, Pons keeps a very low profile these days, living in France.

Many have wondered what he thinks of the current state of affairs in a branch of scientific endeavor that he and Martin Fleischmann pioneered — and now there is something that can provide us with some indication.

Dr. Pons has recently written a preface to the book, La fusion dans tous ses états : Fusion Froide, ITER, Alchimie, Transmutations Biologiques… (Fusion in all its forms: Cold Fusion, ITER, Alchemy, Biological Transmutations …) by French nuclear engineer, Dr. Jean Paul Biberian.In the preface, Dr. Pons focuses mainly on his relationship and work with the author, but does touch briefly on the events that rocketed him first to stardom, and then to outcast status. His words indicate that he is still engaged in the field, and he seems to be satisfied with his own contribution.

Biberian's Book

I thank Dr. Biberian for permission to publish this preface.