New WIPO Nickel-Hydrogen Patent Application Published

An interesting patent application has been published of U.S. based inventor Han S. Nee by the Wordwide Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) for “Nickel Alloys for Hydrogen Storage and the Generation of Energy Therefrom”.

The abstract of the patent describes the process:

The hydrogen-storing nickel alloy structure comprises a nickel alloy skeletal catalyst mixed with an oxide. The applied electric potential, and the increase in the gas pressure and temperature of the hydrogen from the applied heat, create a reaction between hydrogen nuclei and nickel nuclei in the nickel alloy structure whereby thermal energy is generated by the emission of phonons from the nickel alloy structure.

When referring to the alloy, the patent description states, “the nickel alloys include nickel combined with one or more of aluminum, lithium, zinc, molybdenum, manganese, titanium, iron, chromium, and cobalt. The nickel alloys may also include one or more non-metallic elements selected from the group consisting of carbon, silicon, and boron”

The patent describes a process of melting, cooling, and grinding the alloy to a powder of the desired particle size, and mixing it with a powdered oxide and then forming it into a “hydrogen storing nickel alloy structure.”

A lot of the description in this patent is familiar to those who have been following the new wave of hydrogen/nickel-based LENR processes, and it seems like common threads can be found in many of the processes being used.

The inventor is someone I have never heard of before; Han H. Nee is listed here as the president of Target Technology Company LLC, of Irvine California, which is categorized as a magnetic/optical recording media manufacturer.