E-Cat / Green Turbine Connection? [UPDATED — No connection]

Andrea Rossi gave an interesting response to a JONP reader today regarding a micro generator produced by a Dutch company called Green Turbine.

The reader asked:

Dr. Rossi.in September GreenGen will sel a energy plant for the home.
It will use a 1.5kW Turbine, (the size of a football, on sale now) made by Green Turbine.
It will heat the home, and convert the extra heat to electricity. It will use wood pellets to produce the heat.

My questions are:
1. Can E-Cat be used to produce the heat ?
2. If yes, when will you test it ?

Rossi answered:

1- yes
2- done
About the home apparatuses: we need certification. So far we can manufacture only industrial plants.

The surprising part of this answer was not only that Rossi knows about the product, but apparently he has already tested it. There is nothing in the response that indicates that there is any product in the pipeline, or any business agreement between the two companies, but if testing did indeed take place there is at least the possibility of one.

Here’s some more information about the generator from the Green Turbine web site:

GREEN TURBINETM is a very small (slightly larger than a football) steam driven turbo generator that converts (waste) heat into electricity. This makes the Green Turbine an excellent choice in applications where both heat and electricity is required (combined heat and power). The part of the energy, not converted to electricity, is available for heating or cooling.

Green Turbine powered heaters will enable any homeowner or small business to produce 100% of their heating and hot water needs at a huge savings while generating up to 80% of their electricity needs, free of charge. It will also reduce their CO2 emissions by a staggering 50%.

Green Turbine can use the heat energy from solar thermal boilers to generate electricity. Little ships with Green Turbine have clean emissions. Green Turbine can also be used to extend the range of current hybrid automobiles by 20%.

Presumably there would be similar certification issues to deal with if the Green Turbine generator were powered by E-Cat heat as there is for the now-delayed domestic E-Cat.

I have contacted Green Turbine and asked if they could provide any more information about this testing.

UPDATE: My interpretation was wrong. Here are a couple of comments from AR today regarding the Green Turbine issue:

I understood perfectly the question of Robert Curto, and I answered that we made the tests with the Hot Cat, but we did not test the “Green Turbine” because we did not receive any real proposal for a product to be bought and tested.

Means that we tested the E-Cat. The tests of third party have been done on the Hot Cat. We all are waiting for the publication. We will see the text, I do not even know, so far, where and when exactly the publication will be made. That’s all I can say. We did not test the Green Turbine, but if we receive an offer for a real off-the-shelf product we will surely buy and test one.