MFMP: The Data Points Are Starting to Converge

This guest post was submitted by Bob Greenyer of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project.

After over 50 years and many 10s of billions later, another group of projects has failed to show any hint of sustained excess energy with quite a few gigawatt hours of input energy to date. It is not the energy to load 1m of 0.2mm wire that is important, it is energy density. The wires are loaded with minuscule amounts of hydrogen passively and seem to produce PXs passively – that means if there was 100 meters in the same loading chamber, it could all be loaded with the same single heating wire with just a smidgen more input power to raise the wire bulk to loading temperature. The same goes for triggering. However, LENR is claimed to have very high energy densities and this could result in a very dangerous apparatus.

We are on a journey to produce a SAFE experiment that is easy to reproduce and incontrovertibly demonstrates the New Fire.

The New Fire is a subset of LENR that produces net thermal gain. Some LENR is endothermic and therefore does not qualify. Also it is likely not a fusion process in the same way that Hot Fusion is and also runs at above the temperature of a bath – so the name Cold Fusion is doubly inappropriate.

To date:

First US test 300+ layer wire — Loaded perfectly as per Celani’s claims, saw possible 8W but then toasted due to over current.

First EU test 350 layer wire — Loaded perfectly, showed sustained 5W over 48 hours on conservative baseline – 12.5% PXs – energy way past chemical.

Second US double test 2 and 14 layer wires — loading took a long time, but today is punching through 5.2W on Cell 1.1 and punching through 4W on Cell 1.0 on 15 min average basis.

Second EU experiment with 2 layer wire — loading took a long time and a novel approach is being undertaken with the active wire now removed and the cell run again – this is showing around 3+W

So, it seems whatever Celani wire we use, and whatever calibration method we use, we are seeing something interesting each time.

HOWEVER, there are a lot of things in the current protocol that leaves the experiment open to question. Since we want this to be incontrovertible, we have to do two things, address these doubts head on and remove them, and increase the signal to noise ratio.

We are in the process of doing much of that with the new steel cell, in addition, we are finalising a new protocol that should address many of the outstanding questions – if it performs as expected, we have the lab rat that can be sent to independent institutions around the world so that together we can explore the New Fire together.

We are funded principally by the time, resources and cash given by members and followers and donations. You can see some of our costs here:

Thank you again to all those that have helped us get this far.