New Comment System for E-Cat World

Just a housekeeping note here — E-Cat World has migrated to the Disqus commenting system, rather than the native WordPress system we have been using here. Disqus is used on many blogs and websites these days, and I am hoping will help increase the visibility of E-Cat World.

All of the current commenting features will be preserved, and new ones added (e.g. ability to share posts on other platforms). ECW visitors will still be able to post without registering. There will be advantages behind the scenes in that moderation will be simpler and I will have to deal with less spam. Comments will also be backed up in two places, which will help if things go wrong.

I migrated over to the new system last night, and and Disqus is now live. A few comments made overnight may have disappeared after I exported the old comments to the new system. There may be a way to get them back — I am looking into that.

I hope the switch is smooth and painless for everyone, and that you are satisfied with the new system. There are some settings that I can adjust, so if you have suggestions, please let me know.

Thanks for all the great participation here which increases the value of the site enormously — I hope it continues!