Projected Hot Cat Delivery Date Slips

A recent post by Andrea Rossi on the Journal of Nuclear Physics gives an updated projection for the delivery and installation of the first high temperature E-Cat (hot cat) plants to the first customer. Recently Rossi had said that he expected there would be February/March deliver — now that has slipped to March/April. Rossi writes:

We are working very hard on the Hot Cats deliveries and on their safety certifications. As you know, upon them is in course an Indipendent Third Party Validation that recently has been prolonged with further tests. I suppose that the publication of the results will be made by March, after the end of the tests. Again, I want to remember that the timing of the Third Party work and of their publication does not depend on my will. By March also the safety certification ( which also is in course) will be advanced. The delivery of the first plant should be made in March/April. We are doing our best, but consider that we are making our path through an inexplored jungle: nevertheless, we are respecting the scheduling we assigned to ourselves in November.

In addition to building, installing and running the plant, it seems that safety certification is going to be necessary before the plants can be up and running, and knowing Rossi, he will want those certifications in place before he puts a commercial reactor to work with a customer. Of course there’s nothing anyone on the outside of the process can do but wait for things to happen. I’m sure no one really enjoys waiting for good things to happen, and many have or will lose interest or give up on the story, but I feel there’s good reason to stick around.