Quantumheat Introduces Delta Pyro

We talked recently here about the age of cold fusion followers, and it seems that a good majority of us are not so youthful. In an attempt to engage the younger generation, the members of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project have come up with a character, Delta Pyro, who they hope can be used to spark interest in cold fusion.

Delta Pyro

The group has posted a number of pictures and videos of the new character in a recent blog post, and are looking for ideas from the general public on how to use him. They write:

We are going to be supplying 3D prints of Delta Pyro for you to play with or give as gifts. He will be one of the many exciting pledge rewards you can choose from in our Kickstarter (look out for the imminent post). If you have any comments for our friend, model/texture/animation ideas, what poses he should be supplied in etc. let us know. We don’t want to give too much away about how we see him looking as you likely will have a better idea!

Should we put high quality renders on t-shirts? Any ideas like this for maximising how we can capitalise on him will be greatly appreciated.

Bob Greenyer of the MFMP emphasizes the fact that the resources used to create the Delta Pyro character came from his own personal resources and those of his business — none of the donations to the project have been used in creating the character.