Lewis Larsen Claims CFL Lightbulbs Have LENR Inside

Lewis Larsen, CEO of Lattice Energy LLC, and collaborator with Alan Widom on the Widom-Larsen LENR theory hypothesises that LENR reactions are taking place in standard compact flourescent lightbulbs (CFLs).

Forbes.com columnist, Jeff McMahon, spoke with Lewis Larson following an article published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology reported on finding unexpected isotopes of mercury in used CFLs. In their study the researchers stated:

The trapped Hg of used CFL show unusually large isotopic fractionation (the distribution of mercury into its various isotopes), the pattern of which is entirely different from that which has been observed in previous Hg isotope research aside from intentional isotope enrichment

Larsen believes that the unusual isotope of mercury found in the bulbs is evidence of very low-level LENRs taking place inside them, and said, “If this outstanding new data is substantiated by further experimentation, it provides yet more proof that LENRs are likely to be a truly ‘green,’ safe nuclear technology.”

The Forbes column can be read in full here.