Rossi on the Military Plant

Someone today asked Andrea Rossi about how the 1 MW plant that was delivered to some military entity was doing. It’s a good question, since apparently this military customer is so far, according to Rossi, the only one he has with a working E-Cat.

Here are the questions and answers.

1. We wonder if, after delivery, your customer has remained in touch with you: if requested technical informations, expressed his satisfaction or his complaints. A. — yes, we are in dayly contact with him.

2. After more than 6 months of operation a fuel recharge has already been carried out by your technicians. A. yes, the recharge has been made

3. When recharging your technicians have definitely reported information, comments, news. A. 3- information is confidential

4. Would you to tell us what you believes is the degree of satisfaction of your client? A. we are working very well with the Customer: I think he is satisfied.

I followed up with a question of my own — about Rossi’s level of satisfaction with the plant.

Are you satisfied with the performance of this plant so far? How closely has it met your expectations and specifications? A. Yes, I am satisfied, it has teached to us an enormous amount of data.

Of course we’re not going to get a confirmation from any military entity about whether or not they have an E-Cat, so we only have Rossi’s word to go on here. If we take him at his word, this is promising news. The recharge mentioned above is of the nickel powder, which is supposed to take place after six months of operation, so the E-Cat should have been in operation for a number of months. It’s good to hear that there is daily communication between Leonardo and the customer, and that both parties are satisfied. Let’s hope it’s not too long before this report can be confirmed by witnessing a plant operating in public.