Rossi: E-Cat Ran 8,000 Hours out of Possible 8,760 With COP 6

Andrea Rossi commented recently about his satisfaction with the performance of the 1 MW plant that was purchased by a military entity. Today he provided some more details about its performance in response to questions.

1. What level of availability did you experience? A. The availability is about 90%, since the plant works about 8,000 hours out of the total of 8760 hours of a year.

2. How many operating hours per year did you observe? A. 8 000

3. What output temperatures were provided (e.g., 110degC)?

A. 100- 110 °C

4. What is the average COP over the 8000 hours of operation? A. 6

Assuming these numbers are accurate, this is a tremendous achievement for the first 1 MW plant in operation. Rossi said that both the owner and he were satisfied with the plant, and these figures would explain why — with only 10% of downtime, it would seem that there have been no major breakdowns, and according to Rossi at least one recharge of the nickel powder has taken place during the reported time. We have no independent confirmation of these numbers, of course, and so there will be many still unconvinced by Rossi’s own report. Those who take Rossi at his word, however, will be encouraged by these comments.