Rossi on the Third Party Tests

No, the test results have not been released, but there are some people (including myself) who have been peppering Andrea Rossi with questions about the tests that are supposed to wind up within a few days. He has been opening up a bit about what is going on; it seems that if you ask the right questions, he is happy to provide information (within limits). Here are some of the Q & As that have been published on the Journal of Nuclear Physics in recent days.

Q. Is the Third party test finishing this week? or they still need more time for more thoroughly study.

A. I do not know. They are working by themselves. The tests were scheduled to finish this week, though.

Q. You say that the conclusions of this Third party would have no impact on the continuation of your project.
But if the conclusions of the Third party are negative, how would you market a product which a Third party says about it that it doesn’t work ?

A. Yes, your comment is intelligent. This is the reason why I am very worried, because the pact we made with the Third Indipendent Party is that they will pay all their expenses and will publish the results, whatever the result. They didn’t even want we to pick up them at the airport.
In any case, we are close to the conclusion. I do not know what will be the result, I am not participating personally to the tests and obviously I do not participate to the briefings of the professors that are working on this issue. But my Cats are good, I’m sure they are working well. In any case, should the results be negative, under a commercial point of view what will count will be only the tests made by our Customers on the plants they bought.

Q. What restrictions, if any, are the scientists under regarding what they can do with the devices they are testing?
A. The sole restriction is that they cannot open the reactor and get information about what happens inside.

Q. Will they test in self sustain mode?
A. Yes.

Q. Can they push the E-Cat to its limits?
A. No, for safety reasons. They are measuring the efficiency of a Hot Cat working in a normal way, as it will do when working for a Customer

Q. Do the testers have to publish their results within a specified time frame (if yes, what is the deadline)?
A. No. They will publish where they want, when they want, but surely will publish.

Q. Is the contract with the testers covered by an NDA?
A. There are no contracts, we do not pay them, they do not pay us, the pact is that they are free to publish the results, whatever the results are, just for scientific purpose. They want to know, beyond any reasonable doubt, if there is an effect that is not of chemical origin and if the energy at the input is less than the energy produced. This is their scientific goal and this is the reason they are making this test. About why I accepted this torture, do not ask me, because I don’t know: many times I make things against my will, as if somebody drives me like a resistance drives an E-Cat.

Q. Do you have a representative or assistant present at the tests to help the scientists?
A. We have put at their disposal an assistant in case of necessity. The assistant does not participate to the data collection and to the discussions and cannot share with them papers and information. I do not participate at all and do not assist either.

The whole process seems to be somewhat informal, but guided by a gentlemen’s agreement which I hope will result in a thorough and candid report of the proceedings when all this comes to a conclusion. It seems like we are not the only ones being tortured by this whole affair!