What's Happening on April 30th? [Updated (again)]

I’ve seen some speculative comments in various places about what might be happening on April 30th with regards to the E-Cat, and I thought it would be useful to try and nail down as much as is possible from what Andrea Rossi has said about what exactly going on.

Rossi has said that on April 30th, according to a contractual agreement, there is going to be a delivery of a 1 MW low temperature E-Cat plant, (electricity driven) to a customer somewhere in the United States. The plant has apparently been built at Rossi’s US partner’s facilities. There has been no announcement of any public demonstration or display of the plant, although Rossi has said that he will be releasing some photographs of the plant during the delivery process. If this 1 MW plant is similar to the prototype that has been filmed and photographed in Italy, it will be built inside a shipping container, so pictures of it on the outside will be probably quite unremarkable.

As far as the release of the 3rd party report goes, Rossi has consistently said that he has no knowledge of when it will will be posted, and that his commercial activities are unrelated to the report. I haven’t seen or heard anything from any source that gives any indication of when the report will be published. It would be nice though, if someone connected with the testing could give us some kind of idea on when to expect it.


In response to a question about this very topic, Andrea Rossi said this today:

Dear Brian:
We are delivering, this month, to our USA Partner three plants, one industrial plant of 1 MW which is a low temperature heat producing plant, one prototype of Gas fgueled E-Cat and one prototype of Hot Cat plant. The prototypes are to study them and study their industrialization, while their certification is in course. The duty of the 1 MW plant is industrial heat production. The delivery will be made this week.
Warm Regards,

This gives a different picture to the scenario I supposed above — he says here that the plants will be delivered TO the USA partner rather than being manufactured by the partner and sent to another customer.


Here are some follow up questions and answers with AR. I was WAY off in my speculation above!

1. Are all the plants to be delivered at the same time to your USA partner? Yes
2. Are they being shipped from Italy to the US? Yes
3. Can we have many photos?! Yes, Several