What Do They Know at Ecat.com? [Updated]

A couple of intriguing tweets have shown up over the last two days on the Ecat.com Twitter feed. Actually there are only two tweets in the whole account, so it looks like it was set up only recently. Here’s what they say:

May 6: “Big news are coming soon… #LENR #Coldfusion #Greenenergy”

May 7: “Listening in to The SScS. Not much time left now…are you ready for the big news? #LENR #Revolution #Greenenergy #Coldfusion #Futureenergy

Ecat.com is a web site run by the Swedish team who also run the Hydro Fusion company — which is the licensee for Ecat products in Scandinavia and northern Europe, as I understand things. They state on their site that it is “The Official Website of Andrea Rossi’s Energy Catalyzer, E-Cat”. I think they are independent of Andrea Rossi’s Leonardo Corporation, but there is some kind of official connection it seems.

Anyway, I wonder what those tweets mean. The writers surely must know that there is a high level of expectation in regards to the 3rd party testing — do these tweets mean that they know when it is coming out? If so, I wish they’d say some more!


I went on Twitter and replied to the Ecat.com tweet with this question:

@ecatdotcom Hi, sounds interesting — any more details about the news you’re expecting? Anything to do with the E-Cat 3rd party report?

They replied:

@frank_acland Hi Frank, sorry can’t share any details just yet. But it’s worth waiting for. Keep up your great work!

In an additional tweet they said:

We know what’s coming…can you feel the excitement? It’s close now… #LENR #Coldfusion #Ecatworld #BigNews

So it seems that they are talking about the 3rd party report, and appear to know something positive about it. No time frame, however, so we keep waiting.