What's the Most Compelling Evidence for the E-Cat?

Here’s a thread that I hope will help newer visitors to the site. I think there are a lot of E-Cat veterans here who have been following the story from the early days, but I can see from my visitor logs that there are quite a lot of newer visitors coming here these days, and I am a bit concerned that by reading the day-to-day posts that there is a lot of information that is discussed here that may be unfamiliar to newcomers.

It is a practice of mainstream journalism to make sure that news stories can be understood easily by the average reader who may not have much of a background in the topic being discussed, and I don’t want people to come to the site, read a post that is full of terms that are unfamiliar and confusing, and so leave the site with little more understanding than they came with.

I have a couple of pages that are on the menu bar above that are intended for new readers: What is the E-Cat? and Why I Believe in the E-Cat, but I think there may be more information I could add to those posts to make them more comprehensive.

So, I’m putting out this request to the ECW community to help newer readers here to get up to speed on our topic by commenting below and sharing what you think are compelling evidences that you have seen so far you think that this story is worth following. Note that I’m not asking people for proof — we are all at different stages of being convinced — but evidence that you have seen over the years that make you take the story seriously. Thanks very much!