Rossi vs. Wikipedia [Updated]

Here’s a comment made by Andrea Rossi today in response to a question by F. Fabiani (who if I am not mistaken, is an engineer at Leonardo corporation) He wrote: (original in Italian — Google translated)

Dear Andrea,

as promised I tried to publish a page on concerning the third-party testing the Hot Cat

I was immediately censored and deleted page from a self-styled Rojelio with a justification meaningless (blank page or meaningless).

I opened a discussion at the same Rojelio but it does not seem that this has led to something.

In examining other pages concerning your person, I find that the page dedicated to Petroldragon statements that accuse you of “conspiracy” and having loads pending court.

This is pure and simple defamation and I ask you to speak with your attorney in order to remove such claims and to finally publish the “street” (for them) … that is the truth that you’re more “clean” them and that ‘Ecat WORKS!

A hug.

Rossi’s response:

Dear Eng. F.Fabiani:
Yes, on Wikipedia they have written false information upon me and when we try to correct the false information, after few seconds the corrections are taken off and the false information is reinserted. There is a moderator ( who makes himself named Rojelio) that full time defends all the false information published against me and my work.
Recently they have published that I have sues against me in Court, which is totally false, and they have written that I have been convicted for crimes from which I have been acquitted many years ago. And when I try to correct, the correction is cancelled in SECONDS, not minutes and the falsities reinstated. For these reasons our attorneys are preparing a sue against the Administration of Wikipedia, to be refunded for the damages they are causing against us. We have printed all the falsities that they have published, as well as our corrections and dates and daytime in which the corrections have been published and cancelled. Of course, it has been always cancelled the address that we tried to put on Wikipedia to amend the false information, wherein is described what really happened to me in my past: if you are curious, please go to
Warm Regards,
Andrea Rossi

To be clear, Wikipedia is different in its different language editions, and here he is referring to the Italian version. I’m sure that there are different moderators for each version. As I understand it, moderators are volunteers and are responsible for making sure that information posted on the site is factual, and that the information posted conforms to Wikipedia’s neutral point of view (NPOV) policy defined by Wikipedia as follows: “Editing from a neutral point of view (NPOV) means representing fairly, proportionately, and, as far as possible, without bias, all of the significant views that have been published by reliable sources. All Wikipedia articles and other encyclopedic content must be written from a neutral point of view. NPOV is a fundamental principle of Wikipedia and of other Wikimedia projects. This policy is nonnegotiable and all editors and articles must follow it.”

I am not sure of all the details of Rossi’s legal proceedings which stemmed from being convicted in the Petroldragon affair, but I understand that he was imprisoned, but later aquitted of charges. I am not sure how successful a suit against Wikipedia would be in this case, but Rossi seems to be planning to defend himself vigorously.

[UPDATE] More comments by Rossi regarding Wikipedia:

Andrea Rossi
May 27th, 2013 at 2:30 PM
Dear orsobubu:
It is a mafia. They publish false information on you, and you cannot defend yourself because they can publish or cancel your corrections, and you have to accept. I never have seen a dirtier play.
You cannot defend yourself, because there is a guy ( in my case “Rojelio”) who stays full time to cancel what you write and reinstate the info against you. This is real mafia that has been activated against me. Again: to know exactly what is my past, please go to
Warm Regards,

Andrea Rossi
May 27th, 2013 at 2:38 PM
Dear Tony Mc Connell:
Of course our work is more important than the dirt play of mafious persons and organizations, but today I found on wikipedia a page headed with my name in which is falsely reported that I have pending charges in Court and that I have been convicted for crimes for which I HAVE BEEN ACQUITTED, and when I politely sent a correction the correction has been published for 5 minutes, after which the corrections have been cancelled and returned the text with the falsifications, and after that my corrections have not been accepted: I cannot stand this. Obviously I cannot take off the time ( 16 hours per day) that I have to dedicate to my work, so I cannot compete with the wikipedian mafia, but nevertheless it is unavoidable that I get nervous for some hour…now the issue is in the hands of my attorneys. I WANT TO BE REFUNDED AND THE MONEY I WILL GET WILL GO TO HEAL A CHILD FROM CANCER. So all this mafious bullshit will have had a sense. I have no more time to subtract to my work: today I will finish to work at 3 a.m. of tomorrow to recover the time I spent to struggle against this mafia and see my corrections published again, with no results…I will spend no more time on this, but be sure the more they will stay with that bullshit published, the more they will pay. Now the issue is completely in the hands of my attorneys.
Again: to know my past, please go to
Warm Regards,
Andrea Rossi