Essen Corrects: "We Can Definitely Exclude DC Current"

We reported earlier this week about comments Hanno Essen made in an interview about the 3rd party testing in which the following exchange took place:

> Q: Have you tried to test the output of the power supply to exclude that
> also a DC current is supplied to the device, which clamp amperometers
> could not detect?

Essen: No, we did not think of that. The power came from a normal wall socket
and there did not seem to be any reason to suspect that it was
manipulated in some special way. Now that the point is raised we can
check this in future tests.

Today, Essen corrected this remark in a comment responding to an email written by Bath University Computer Science professor Alessio Guglielmi questioning the ethics of scientists conducting this E-Cat test.

β€œIn the interview I answered that there was no direct measurement of dc (since the clamps could not detect such). This was a bit hasty. In future I will not answer such technical questions without conferring with all coauthors. After analysing what we checked and measured (which were many more variables that those from the clamps) we can definitely exclude dc-current. (This is what comes from being nice to journalists.)”

It’s an important correction because the hypothesis of a hidden DC wire feeding the E-Cat to give the appearance of excess heat has been proposed by a number of critics of tests raising suspicion of trickery by Andrea Rossi. Essen here states here now that this was not a possibility.