Roanoke Times Column on LENR

The Roanoke Times, a newspaper published in Roanoke, Virginia, has published an interesting opinion piece written by Charles Stewart, Jr. titled “Explore an explosive new energy source” Here’s the introduction:

Negative words comprise a large percentage of the adjectives used in The Roanoke Times articles re: energy: expensive, depleting, exhausting, polluting, filthy, radioactive, etc. These negative words apply to petroleum, natural gas, coal, uranium, thorium (yep — thorium, too).

How about a few positive words: cheap, endless, non-polluting, world-altering, safe, local (as in your basement or a closet). These words apply to LENR (low-energy nuclear reaction). It’s coming.

The column is not long — but provideds a nice introduction to people unfamiliar with the topic about recent developments in cold fusion, including the recent E-Cat report.

It seems to me that local media sources are more likely than national or international media outlets to publish articles about LENR. The Roanoke Times invites local readers to submit opinion pieces on issues that are of importance to the local community — and I am sure there are other local news organizations with similar policies. In efforts to try and educate the public about LENR, it may be that the local press is a good channel to use until the major media players catch up.

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