E-David — The Painting Robot

I realize this video is somewhat off-topic in terms of LENR, but it’s one of those things you see once in a while that give an indication of the kind of world we are entering. The potential that robotics has to fundamentally transform the way the world works is something we’ve discussed here before, and something I think is important to keep an eye on.

E-David is a standard welding robot which is combined with a camera and computer vision software to reproduce what it sees in a variety of artistic styles. The creators who work out of the Computer Graphics and Media Design lab at the University of Konstanz in Baden-Württemberg (Germany) explain that “the machine watches itself while painting and decides indepentently where to add new strokes. This way paintings are created that are not completely defined by the programmer but are the result of a visual optimization process.”

The video below shows e-david at work.

An article in Gizmodo provides more detail about e-David.

This is just one interesting example of the levels of precision that today’s robots are achieving — and really, robotics is still relatively new. When combined with today’s ever-improving computer systems, it is hard to imagine what the limits on robotics might be. If we throw almost-free energy into the mix (many expect LENR to provide that), the prospects for future technological advancement almost impossible to conceive.