MFMP to Form Charity for Live Open Science: New Fire Generation

There’s a very interesting article on Cold Fusion Now about the creation of a new charitable organization called New Fire Generation by the members of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project. The purpose of the charity will be to sponsor a new generation of scientific research based the Live Open Science (LOS) protocols — as has been demonstrated by the MFMP.

The charity will solicit funds from donors who will be able to designate the areas of interest they want their money to sponsor. Decisions regarding research activities to be sponsored by the organization will be made by a Science Advisory Board which initially be led by nuclear radiochemist Dr. Edmund Storms.

MFMP member Robert Ellefson, who will be the CEO of New Fire Generation explains:

“All organizations that we fund, or participate within the MFMP umbrella, are going to be required to use the Live Open Science protocols, and we’re working on a much more formalized definition of those protocols now.”

“In fact, it’s going into our Articles of Incorporation too, specifying that’s the mechanism by which we will be releasing the inventions that are contained in the data that we come out with. We’ll be publishing officially using Live Open Science.”

From the New Fire Generation Mission Statement:

All of the Intellectual Property (IP) developed for these Love Open Science infrastructure objectives will be expressly dedicated to the public domain, and will avoid incorporation of private IP into the resulting work products.

New Fire Generation will have a lifespan of only four years. The goal seems to be to set a movement in place, and once it is established, get out of the way and allow it to run on its own momentum.

It appears that the project is still in the organizational stages, and I expect we will hear more about it in time on the MFMP’s web site.