Looking for Neutrons in a Rock Crushing Experiment

I thought this video would be of interest to readers here. It is by Angie Savela, an electrical engineering student at Notre Dame university who spend the summer as an intern at the Hunt Utilities Group in Pine River, Minnesota — where the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project have been carrying out their LENR research and experimentation.

In this video Savela demonstrates experiments in which she tries to replicate claims by Alberto Carpinteri, professor of structural mechanics at the Polytechnic of Turin, who claims that in rock-crushing experiments he has detected the emissions of neutrons — suggesting some kind of LENR reaction produced in earthquakes.

See below for the experimental results.

Carpinteri has received quite a bit of trouble from the scientific community in Italy for his work in this field and complaints to the Italian research ministry led to his research in this area being defunded. So it is good to see the HUG group willing to sponsor such research — and the internship there sounds like it has been a great experience for a dedicated student.