Rossi on Validation of his Theory

After some more questions and comments from Andrea Rossi on the Journal of Nuclear Physics, it appears that there is a long-term test underway of the E-Cat which seems to have the purpose of validating Rossi’s theory behind the ‘Rossi Effect’. Rossi has said earlier this week that there are no violations of currently know physics — and the current validation underway has the purpose of validating his theory. Yesterday Rossi wrote this:

Andrea Rossi
August 22nd, 2013 at 6:19 PM
Koen Vandewalle:
Yes, a validation of the theory is in course, but “validation” for a theory is an oxymoron…better say a study of sustainability, to check that there are not violations of consolidated Physics principles . I am studying with Scientists the issue, and the study will reach its summit in October. I think no Physics principles have been violated, I just studied as well as I have been able the existing ones.
Warm Regards,

In a follow up question, I asked Rossi what might happen in October and he responded:

“Nothing in particular, but I will find confirmation if or not our theory is sustainable. It is not a small achievement, for me.”

So the test underway is an attempt to validate his theory — not to validate that the technology works. Once the validation is complete, does this mean that he might be getting ready to publish it? I would say maybe, but not necessarily. This could all be for all internal purposes, for the time being at least. If there is a major effort underway to commercialize the Rossi Effect, there is likely to be a lot of groundwork and preparation going on — and premature public release of information may not serve the business plan well. I hope we learn as much as possible as soon as possible, of course, but we have no choice but to accept Rossi & co.’s timetable.

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