'Cures' Posting on Cobraf Forum Again

It’s hard to get any information from people who have worked on the ‘inside’ with Andrea Rossi, but one notable example is an engineer who goes by the handle of ‘cures’ on the Italian science forum Cobraf.com. It has been established that this poster is in fact an engineer named Domenico Fioravanti who has worked on Rossi’s Italian team during the time when testing was taking place in Bologna and Ferrara during 2011 and 2012. He acted as the agent of the military customer who ordered the famous October 28 2011 test of the E-Cat in Bologna.

Cures had stopped posting for quite a long time, but now has made a number comments during the month of September about Rossi and the E-Cat. It appears, however, that his work with Rossi is over. E-Cat research and development seems to all be taking place in the United States now, and so it’s likely we won’t get too much news from Cures. He does, however have substantial history and experience with the E-Cat, and is fully convinced of its validity. His current comments

Here’s a link to some of his current comments in which he addresses technical and historical aspects of the E-Cat with which he is quite familiar. The forum is in Italian, and Google translated comments into English are a bit difficult to follow — but not impossible.