Dennis Cravens Reports on NI Week Cold Fusion Demo

It’s good to see a full length article published in Infinite Energy magazine about Dennis Cravens’ demonstration of his LENR powered brass sphere that he took to National Instruments’ NI Week conference in August. The article is written by Dennis Cravens himself, and his colleague Rod Gimpel.

One of the unique aspects of the Cravens demonstration (as opposed to those put on by Andrea Rossi and Defkalion recently) is that there is no input measurement to worry about — because there is no energy input into his sphere. The reaction is generated spontaneously inside the brass sphere which contains, “an activated carbon that holds metal alloy within its pores, some magnetic powder, some hydrogen storage material and some deuterium gas.”

To demonstrate the excess heat generated by the active sphere, it was placed in a bath of aluminum beads which was heated to a temperature of 80°C. A control brass sphere was placed in the bath, which remained at the same temperature as its surroundings, while the active sphere measured a consistent 4°C warmer than the other ball and the bath. The authors state that the sphere has been warmed by cold fusion for two and a half months. They only demonstrated it for five days at NI Week, and to show that it was not heated by a regular battery, Mr. Cravens cut open the sphere on the last day of the conference to show there was no battery inside.

The article contains some pictures and a section on a proposed theory. The authors report that they were surprised by the positive reception of the experiment, with a number of people asking about where this technology will lead. They conclude by writing, “We came away feeling that we had accomplished our real goal: To
make people think just perhaps cold fusion might be possible and real. That alone was worth the expense and effort to attend NI Week.”