Andrea Rossi on R & D Process (Video)

Here’s an interesting video clip from an interview conducted by Thomas Florek earlier this year with Andrea Rossi. Florek asks Rossi about the role that making mistakes plays in the research process — and Rossi responds. He doesn’t provide any details about his technology here, but you get a sense of the way that Rossi has approached his work over the years.

Andrea Rossi: The Importance of Being Wrong from Thomas Florek on Vimeo.

It’s telling to me that Rossi’s biggest concern over being ‘wrong’ seems to be the cost of the error. We’ve heard from the posting of ‘Cures’ on the forum recently that for a long time Rossi was operating pretty much as a one man operation, and making his share of mistakes along the way. — and expenses must have weighed heavily on his mind. It seems that now he is in a different circumstance in his position of Chief Scientist with the current partner — apparently now he has a well equipped lab, workers to help him, and presumably all the money he needs to do his work. But I expect his ‘try and error’ process goes forward as ever.

More video clips from this interview can be found here: