Update on Deuo Dynamics

A few days ago we discussed the work of Deuo Dynamics, a company who published a paper about a cold fusion diode that they claim was able to produce an electric charge from a palladium-deuterium diode with no electrical input. The paper cited was published back in 2008, and I was curious to find out the current status of the company. I contacted both partners, Fabrice David and John Giles, and they were able to provide me with an update of where things stand.

Mr. Giles explained that because the work of Deuo Dynamics was funded by solely the partners, they are not able to work full time in the field. He is currently working for W3G Marine, a Scottish marine engineering company, but says he hopes to pick up research in cold fusion next year. Mr. David said that there has been some work done with an American company (not named) on a nickel-hydrogen version of their diode which he says has produced “very interesting” results.

It’s not really possible to make an educated assessment of the work here, but I know that some readers were curious to know what Deuo Dynamics had been doing since they published the paper we mentioned — so I thought I’d provide this update.