Preparing the Ground

Thanks for the many interesting responses on the earlier thread about building awareness about LENR. The point about the need for a working LENR device for mass acceptance is a good one, and has been made many times, notably by Andrea Rossi himself. And for real popular acceptance — having Cold Fusion, LENR, E-Cat, etc., become household words — I would agree.

But I think there is merit and use in preparing for an eventual grand announcement by trying to raise the profile of the subject so it may have an easier entry into the mainstream consciousness.

As I have said before, as far as I am concerned, the May Elforsk report provides solid evidence of the reality and usefulness of the Rossi Effect, and I am sure I am not the only one who has been so convinced. Whether you stand to lose or gain from such a technology, as some have mentioned here, there are most likely people carefully and quietly observing what is going on in the field, ready to take some kind of action at such a time as they see expedient.

If, as Andrea Rossi has said, two new validation reports are to be published following long term testing (one from an independent body, and the other from his partner), along with a news conference by the partner, there is likely to be a lot more public debate before too long. My guess is that we won’t get much significant news from Rossi & Co. until next year. If the news turns out to be positive in terms of E-Cat performance, there probably be a mixture of shock, delight, fear, skepticism and uncertainty. My hope is that people will recognize the benefits of this technology to the human race and that there will be few significant obstacles thrown up to prevent its dissemination.

I hope too, that when important announcements come, there will be people ready to enter the public fray who are knowledgeable and informed about the subject and who will be able to help educate the wider public. So for the moment I see that preparing the ground for those times is one of the things that supporters or LENR can do — and that is a role I see for E-Cat World at the moment.