Rossi: Theory has 'Acceptable Level of Experimental Confirmation'

Here’s another comment from Andrea Rossi on the Journal of Nuclear Physics in response to more questions about his theory. There has been some more probing there from readers trying to understand how his theory ties in with astronomical observations. It sounds like he his chomping at the bit to get it out there.

Adelheid J. Bohm:
Wishing the best to you also, the theory behind our effect I think has reached an acceptable level of experimental confirmation ( should we adopt the sigma evaluation, we are around 5); we are still working very hard, though, on the validation and R&D regarding the LENR we are dealing with. I can’t wait to publish the theory, as you can understand, but I can’t, for obvious IP related industrial issues. When such issues will be resolved we will publish all the results, even if negative. About the legacy of the pioneers: nothing in common, but the dream and the hope it is true.
Warm Regards,

I’m not able to figure out what he means about the score of 5 on the sigma evaluation — can anyone help with that?